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Alana Rowman

Typing.com at ISTELive 2021

More and more of our lives are lived through a screen, yet few people are proficient at typing and other digital skills. So how do we help our students navigate and understand the digital world to empower them to be the best they can be?


5 Tips to Type Faster

Do you struggle to keep up with classmates or colleagues when it comes to typing? Typing is a critical skill in the digital age today. When you’re proficient at typing, you are more productive! So how can you type faster in a few simple steps?


What Makes a Great Typing Game?

Gamification is a great way to encourage your students to continue learning outside the classroom. When you gamify the task you want to teach, it becomes easier to engage students. Learning becomes fun! So what are the pieces that make a great typing game?


Test Your Typing Speed Today!

The average typing speed is 40 WPM, though this can change dramatically depending on how you type. Find out where your typing skills stand by taking one of our typing speed tests. Whenever you complete a test, you can access and share a certificate of completion to teachers or potential employers.


Choosing Your Typing Program: Key Differences That Set Edtech Products Apart

We all want to choose the best products for our children and students. With so many options, how do you choose the right one? Read on to learn how Typing.com compares to competitors to help make choosing easier.


Curate Your Classroom with Typing.com

As a teacher, having control over the different parts of the student experience is key to creating a thoroughly engaging classroom. Whether it’s custom lessons or assignments, disabling/enabling aspects of the curriculum, or setting grade boundaries at both a class and individual student level, there are tons of great ways to differentiate your learning plan with Typing.com.


4 Core Values for a Thriving Classroom

Teachers play an instrumental role in setting the classroom environment. They primarily dictate the way students interact with each other and the work in front of them. Creating a positive class environment is invaluable for building trust and getting results.

COVID19 has made navigating remote and in-person learning while setting a positive classroom culture harder than ever.

So which values, mindsets, and people skills do you want to encourage?


The Microsoft Teams for Education Integration is Here!

Microsoft Teams for Education is one of the great ways to engage students with virtual face-to-face connections and activities or set up a remote lunch or recess to keep classrooms connected and having fun.

Welcome Microsoft Teams for Education

You asked. We delivered!

Typing.com now integrates with Microsoft Teams for Education! This incredible new feature makes sign-on, class management, and data syncing a breeze. 

For those of you with a Microsoft school or education account, you now have access to all Microsoft suite has to offer. You can now:

  • Sync any classes from Microsoft Education over to Typing.com
  • Transfer student data to make setting up simple

When signing in with your Microsoft account be sure you are logging in with your school or educational email— not your personal!

For new teachers to Typing.com, once signed up you will have the option to sync all your Microsoft Education classes, making set-up even more simple than before. For those already using our platform you can now choose to link your school account and add any additional classes you may have!

Are you using a different platform to keep your classes or schools organized? 

We have big things in the works for you in the coming months. From ISTELive this summer to some exciting news about Schoology…stay on the lookout for more!

Typing.com Receives ISTE Seal of Alignment

2021 has been a whirlwind and we are only at the beginning! In 3 short months, we have launched some incredible new features, integrations, and have exciting news about upcoming events.

Welcome to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)!

“Typing.com offers a comprehensive curriculum to strengthen student’s typing abilities with a customizable experience for both educators and students.”

ISTE Review Board

After much hard work and rigorous review we have been approved for ISTE’s Seal of Alignment! This prestigious program recognizes edtech products for their alignment to the ISTE Standards. 

ISTE is a nonprofit agency for educators and educator leaders worldwide. They are committed to empowering connected learners in a connected world, leveraging knowledge and expertise, and linking educators and partners. 

We are so excited to be recognized by ISTE as one of many great resources and tools providing high-quality, standards-aligned learning experiences for students in the digital age. 

This recognition is just the beginning. We constantly strive to provide educators with an evolving product that suits their every need. And as educators, providing a product that is ISTE-certified makes sure the curriculum your teachers use is always up to standard. 

And it gets better! We will be at ISTELive June 26-30th. We will be hosting a poster on all the great ways typing and typing.com can help your students succeed in the digital world.  

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