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Curate Your Classroom with Typing.com

As a teacher, having control over the different parts of the student experience is key to creating a thoroughly engaging classroom. Whether it’s custom lessons or assignments, disabling/enabling aspects of the curriculum, or setting grade boundaries at both a class and individual student level, there are tons of great ways to differentiate your learning plan with Typing.com.

If you’re not already using Typing.com, what are you waiting for? Typing.com provides teachers with an ISTE Certified typing program that is simple to understand and easy to get started. 

At typing.com we provide templated curriculum and settings for a hassle-free starting point for whatever you need. But it goes further. You’ll be surprised by how simple it is to customize, and how integral this can be in keeping students engaged and having fun. For example: 

  • Create curriculum and lessons to integrate cross-curricular content. Some of our teachers use their students’ favorite songs or chapters from their favorite books to keep things relevant and fun! 
  • Change settings on a classroom or individual level. One great example we see is Teachers setting different grading benchmarks for classes depending on their level. Or enable—or disable—games and lessons based on grade or ability to respond to your students’ different learning styles
  • Create ‘written prompt’ assignments. These are the perfect way to give students the freedom to type about things that interest them. Ask your students about their favorite food, game, artist, or whatever may be relevant at the time!
  • Control a class’s progression through the curriculum by allowing or restricting non-sequential progression – set a strict order, or let students explore!

There are many great ways other teachers have found to make Typing.com their own. If you want to learn more, join our Facebook group for tips, tricks, and new feature announcements from ourselves and teachers like you!

Ready to get started?

We’re building Typing.com to make it as easy and effective as possible for students to learn the critical skill of keyboarding. It’s flexible and fun! We know you’ll love the freedom it gives you while still providing everything you need to get started today.

Try it for yourself right now by logging in here.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to check out our support articles by clicking here.