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Choosing Your Typing Program: Key Differences That Set Edtech Products Apart

We all want to choose the best products for our children and students. With so many options, how do you choose the right one? Read on to learn how Typing.com compares to competitors to help make choosing easier.

Typing.com and Typesy.com

Our goal at Typing.com is to teach children the proper way to type through engaging content. We want to prepare them to be competent and responsible digital citizens through relevant lessons on topics like computer literacy and cyber safety. 

So what sets us apart?

  1. Age-appropriate typing curriculum along with the ability to create your own custom lessons
  2. The Typing.com program has received ISTE’s Seal of Alignment and glowing reviews from educators and parents 
  3. Fully customizable student and classroom settings 
  4. Last but not least, Typing.com is FREE forever!

Age-appropriate Typing Curriculum

Typesy.com and Typing.com have a similar curriculum for children while Typsey additionally offers a professional curriculum for businesses and individual adults. 

At Typing.com, our goal is to promote beginning programs early on in elementary and middle school to effectively type with proper form by completing the curriculum. 

Once the skills are acquired, Nitrotype.com is a free, real-time racing game that we also offer, where typers can practice and increase their words per minute.

Industry Recognition

Although Typing.com and Typesy.com are both compatible with distance learning platforms such as Google Classroom and Clever, Typing.com recently received the ISTE Seal of Alignment, which recognizes Typing.com as one of many great tools providing high-quality, standards-aligned learning experiences for students in the digital age. 

Typing.com was also recognized as one of the best typing games on Commonsense.org with 4 out of 5 stars for both the learning and community ratings. Typesy.com has a 3 star editor’s rating, and does not yet have a community rating.

This is why many school districts choose Typing.com and Nitrotype.com for their distance learning instruction.


Customization is Key

Customization for IEPs and 304 Plans is vital in today’s classroom to meet curriculum standards. The individual student customization features are often highlighted as one of the qualities teachers like most about Typing.com.

Typing.com’s Teacher Portal allows complete control over individual student settings and lesson accessibility; however, all student data still automatically integrates, making grading seamless at the administrative level. 

Typesy.com allows for the creation of different typing passages, but adjusts the courses automatically based on the student’s initial typing assessment. Therefore, Typesy.com is helpful for more hands-off distance-learning atmospheres, and Typing.com offers greater customization capabilities.  

Typing.com and Typesy.com Cost

The main difference between Typing.com and Typesy.com is the cost to use their products. Although there is a one-time payment option to remove age-appropriate ads, the free version of Typing.com gives full access to all curriculum lessons, games, and teacher tools such as the full line of reporting features. 

Typesy.com offers no-ads and a free, 7-day trial, but the subscription to their product starts at $9/mo to continue learning through their platform.


Typing.com vs. Typing Agent

As you can see from the comparison chart, an important differentiator between Typing.com and TypingAgent.com is the visual design graphics. Many reviews on Commonsense.org claim that TypingAgent’s text size and screen usage are not optimal. If you need to customize for IEPs and 504 Plans, accommodating students with visual impairments could prove difficult. In contrast, Typing.com lessons are WCAG 2.0 compliant and offer dictation to accommodate special needs.

Typing.com’s modern graphics and exciting games encourage students to pursue their typing goals daily, taking advantage of full-screen use and maximizing readability.

Another difference between these two programs is the number of products they offer. TypingAgent.com offers separate curriculums for preschoolers, elementary, and beyond, while Typing.com’s curriculum can be customized by interest and ability to suit different ages.

Typing.com and TypingAgent.com Cost

There are important differences between Typing.com and TypingAgent.com when you sign up.

Typing Agent gives a free, 3-day trial to teachers as long as they provide their school information. They do not offer accounts for individual users or students without a teacher,  unless they select a homeschool account. Homeschool accounts cost $29.95/year. 

While TypingAgent is intended strictly for school use, Typing.com has no account type restrictions. Anyone can get access to all lessons and administrative tools just by signing up.

Because Typing.com is ads supported, you get every feature for free. If you’d like to remove the age-appropriate screen ads, you can for an annual purchase price of $1.14 per student or $7.99 for an individual account.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about how Typing.com can benefit your children or students, check out this article that explains Typing.com in more detail.


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