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Typing.com at ISTELive 2021

More and more of our lives are lived through a screen, yet few people are proficient at typing and other digital skills. So how do we help our students navigate and understand the digital world to empower them to be the best they can be?

Join us at ISTELive 2021!

One of the biggest challenges facing teachers today is leveling the gap between students regarding digital literacy. Though digital tools are here to stay, many schools have done away with touch typing classes—putting their students at a disadvantage when it comes to preparing them for the digital world ahead.

The World Economic Forum predicts that within 10 years the entire world will be connected to the internet. That makes typing and computer skills more critical than ever. Students who can only hunt-and-peck type and are more familiar with doing work on a phone or a tablet will struggle to perform on standardized testing simply because these are administered on a standard computer.  

If you are one of the many passionate teachers who understand the necessity for touch typing, you are ahead of the game to close the gap. 

This is why we are excited to announce we will be at ISTE Live on June 30th, 2:30 PST talking about just that,. We want to help you close the achievement gap! 

Join us for our interactive poster session. We’ll take the learnings from the last year and use those to prepare students for their digital futures.  

You’ll learn:

  • Where other educators are struggling with and how they have found success
  • What skills students need to be digitally intelligent right nowAnd real world application for these digital skills.

And, that’s not all! Every attendee will receive a special gift from us after the event!

Don’t miss a moment! Sign up here to register for more information and our special gift.

Not Attending?

If you are not attending ISTE Live, you can still get access to the information we’ll present. Sign up to receive the full poster and materials. And, if you have specific questions that you would like to submit, we would love to answer them in a future article!


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