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Fun Facts

  • is used by over 250,000 teachers
  • is the largest free typing tutor in the world
  • is Made in America, but used worldwide
  • has helped over 14,000,000 students learn to type
  • supports 15 international keyboards
  • loves you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does cost? is free! Make sure to register for a free account to save your typing progress and statistics!

Why is free?

We believe learning a skill as fundamental as touch typing should be available to everybody of all ages, skill levels, and even languages! How can the internet grow if it takes us an hour to type an email?

But... how is it free? displays fun and interesting ads to help pay for the cost of building and maintaining If you would prefer not to see advertisements, you can upgrade to a Premium Account and you will never see another ad again.

How do I get rid of the advertisements?

You can sign up for a Premium Account to remove ads forever. When logged into your account you will see a large box in the top left corner next to the top advertisement.

How does the Scoreboard work?

Every Sunday morning the Scoreboard is updated with the previous week's fastest, and busiest typists. The Scoreboard is calculated from typing exercises only. Typing test results are not used.

How do I cancel my account?

Simply stop using it and after a few months of inactivity your account will be cleared out.

I found a bug! is committed to flawless software. Please contact us immediately if you think you have found a bug in our software.

I am trying to add my students but I get an error message that says username already taken.

We use a shared student username database. When you try to create a username it is checked against every other student in our system, just like trying to register for an email address with Google. You will find that common usernames are “already in use” by other students at other schools. Make sure the names are unique as possible to avoid this.

How can I print a list with my students usernames and passwords?

Passwords are 1-way hashed/encrypted for security, which means they are not visible in plain text anywhere on the site and can not be printed. This makes it impossible for a hacker (or even us!) to access passwords.

How do students reset lost passwords?

You can reset your students' passwords from the Classes page of your Teacher Portal. Select the student by clicking the box to the left of the username then select reset password.

I purchased Ad-Free licenses. Why do I still see ads on the students accounts?

You will need to assign the licenses to your students. To assign the licenses to your students click on the Manage Ad-Free Licenses link at the very top of your teacher portal. Once there you will have the ability to upgrade and downgrade your students.

Are there other ways to see detailed student progress other than running a report?

To view more detailed information on students’ lesson progress, test results and login information, click the username of the student you wish to view from either the Student Monitor, My Classes page or the Report page of your Teacher Portal.

My student has two teachers who use How can I add another teacher so they can also view students progress.’s Teacher Portal only supports a single login per account. If you want additional teachers to be able to access the students data you will need to share your login information.

I have a student who has changed teachers how can I add them to my teacher account?

You can transfer an existing student account from one teacher account to another by unlinking the student from their former teachers account then linking them to the new teacher account. To unlink a student go to the classes page of the teacher portal. Select the student by clicking the box to the left of the username, then select “unlink”. Now the student account can be linked to another teacher account. To link an existing account go to the Add Students page and select the link existing tab.

I accidentally deleted my students account, can I recover the data from that account?

Unfortunately once an account has been deleted the data can not be recovered.

How is the time spent typing calculated?

Time spent typing is calculated from the time the student starts and stops typing on the keyboard in a lesson screen. It also includes the timed tests. The time does not include the time it takes to move from one lesson to another or time spent on games.

Can I disable the backspace key?

The backspace key can not be disabled.

I do not want my students to view the Class Scoreboard, can this be disabled?

Yes, the Scoreboard can be disabled from within your Teacher Portal, on the Account page, under Enable Class Scoreboard.