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Get Your K-12 Students from Hunt-And-Peck to Flying Fingers in Just 15 Minutes a Day

Prepare your students to perform at their best. Give them effective keyboarding lessons that are easy to set up and a joy to use.

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Everything You Need to Succeed

  • Track progress, accuracy, and speed with single-click reports
  • Holistic scope and sequence to the Common Core ELA and ISTE
  • Engaging videos that model proper hand positions and reinforce technique
  • Measure and track growth with timed tests and assessments
My third-graders love this! teaches them to know where the keys are so they can concentrate on what to type, not where letters are—especially as they prepare for their first required state tests.
Stephanie H.
Stephanie H.
3rd grade teacher
My student’s typing skills have soared since finding The best part is that the activities are quick enough that they can complete a task in only a few minutes when they finish some classwork.
Julie M.
Julie M.
K-4th grade teacher
This program allows my students to gain confidence in their typing skills so it doesn’t hinder their performance on exams. is useful for warm-up when kids get to class. They get working right away and on a personalized level to improve a skill they use everyday!
Andrew S.
Andrew S.
9th grade teacher

The Easiest Curriculum Choice You’ll Ever Make—and Not Just Because It’s Free is engaging and causes my students to be self-motivated about becoming better at typing. My students can’t get enough! They’re always asking to get onto
Alan B
Alan B.
6th grade teacher is engaging and causes my students to be self-motivated about becoming better at typing. My students can’t get enough! They’re always asking to get onto
A Curriculum That Puts Your Students First

A Curriculum That Puts Your Students First

Track and Share Progress for Every Learner

Track and Share Progress for Every Learner

Knowing exactly who needs help and why with real-time tracking means you can customize your teaching plan, personalize the pace, and meet every student’s needs.

+23 %
Increase in graduation rate through personalized learning
Blended Learning Success in School Districts, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 2015
A One-Stop-Shop to Learn to Type

A One-Stop-Shop to Learn to Type

Reinforce proper technique and encourage meaningful participation with a scope and sequence curriculum strengthened with self-motivating content like games and certificates.

+97 %
Increase in task completion with gamification
The Effect of Gamification on Motivation and Engagement, ResearchGate, 2017
Clear Insight into Performance and Use

Clear Insight into Performance and Use

Manage performance with class and student-level settings, timed tests, and customizable lesson plans that report automatically.

+23 %
Average test score improvement with typing proficiency
The Nation’s Report Card, National Center for Education Statistics, 2017
typing Track performance to your holistic scope and sequence problem keys

Guided Reinforcement Helps Your Students Reach Success at Their Own Pace

Immediate feedback
Targeted reinforcement
Individual student goals
The onscreen keyboard and hands easily makes the difference when encouraging students not to look at their own hand placement!
Rasha A.
Grade 5 STEM teacher
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Strict Privacy and Data Protection

Students never need an email
All PII is managed at the administration level
Data syncs automatically from your SIS
Try It Now » never shares or sells any data, ever. never shares or sells any data, ever.
All communication within is TLS encrypted.
All communication within is TLS encrypted.
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is never required to use
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is never required to use

Securely Share with Parents, Colleagues, and Administrators

Generate simple, clear reports on class and individual student progress with the click of a button. Reports save you time, lightens grading work, and keeps everyone in the loop.
Simple, clear reports
Data syncs with SSO
Print or send securely
Understand progress and use at every level

Seamlessly Sign-on With SSO and One Roster Support

Google Classroom
Google Classroom
Microsoft Education
Microsoft Education
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Coming Soon
Loved by Students and Endorsed by Experts for 20 Years
The Learning Counsel is the only platform to offer full district support at no cost with no limitations on content or administrative features.
Tech Radar may be free, but it rivals the best paid typing tutor software in features and usability.
We Are Teachers is a comprehensive website that really has it all. ISTE Seal of Alignment against the ISTE Standards for Students offers a comprehensive curriculum to strengthen student’s typing abilities with a customizable experience for both educators and students.

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Get Even More with Premium

Enhanced Curriculum

Access Premium-only creative writing and coding units to give students additional practice in building ELA and tech skills.

Ad Free Experience

Save bandwidth and keep students completely focused with an ad-free experience

Access All Your Historical Data

Access valuable historical data and pull reports using any time frame (free version caps data at 70 days back)

Customizable Learning

Student level settings allow for full individualized education programs (IEP)


Fine grained control of student progress with assignable lessons, tests and games

Real-time Student Monitor

Real-time student monitor gives teachers a quick view of student progress and activity

Auto Grading

Save time grading with customizable speed and accuracy thresholds

Customized Benchmarking

Control lesson progression with customizable speed and accuracy minimums

Customized Daily Goals

Encourage students to increase their time spent practicing typing by setting daily practice time goals

Student Seats are Transferable

Seats are automatically assigned as students log in and can easily be freed up for other students at any time

Priority Support

Get a front-of-the-line pass whenever you have questions or require technical support

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