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Everything You Need to Teach Typing

Prepare your students to perform at their best. Give them effective keyboarding lessons that are easy to set up and engaging to use.

  • Aligned with State, ISTE & Common Core

  • SSO, SIS and LMS Integrations

  • Grade-based adaptive curriculum


Standards Correlations

See how meets your state or federal standards for typing & technology

Loved by Students and Endorsed by Experts for 20 Years ISTE Seal of Alignment against the ISTE Standards for Students offers a comprehensive curriculum to strengthen student’s typing abilities with a customizable experience for both educators and students.

Seamlessly Sign-on
With SSO and One Roster Support

Google Classroom
Google Classroom
Microsoft Education
Microsoft Education

Instructor Highlights

  • Easy Classroom Management

  • Aligned with State Standards

  • Automated Grading

  • Standardized Test Prep

  • Customizable Curriculum

  • Robust Reporting

Student Highlights

  • Engaging Curriculum

  • Gamified Learning

  • Personalised Experience

  • Adaptive Lessons

  • Interactive Lessons and Games

  • Career Prep & Professionalism

Strict Privacy and Data Protection

  • Students never need an email
  • All PII is managed at the administration level
  • Data syncs automatically from your SIS
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is never required to use

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is never required to use

All communication within is TLS encrypted.

All communication within is TLS encrypted. never shares or sells any data, ever. never shares or sells any data, ever.

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Free Edition vs. PLUS Edition

Deliver more simplicity and organization to your district. Get the most out of!

Free Edition


  / student annually

Everything you need to get started with with ads

Grade-based lessons, tests, and games

70 day data retention

Classroom settings only

PLUS Edition


  / student annually

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Enhanced curriculum featuring creative writing and coding units

Keep students completely focused with an ad-free experience

Unlimited data retention

Classroom and student-level settings

Assign lessons, tests and games

Live student activity and progress

Save time grading with customizable thresholds

Set speed and accuracy minimums

Set practice time goals for your students

Easily free up and transfer seats

Dedicated account management

Grade-based Adaptive Curriculum

Our curriculum is tailored to each grade level, and aligned with state, ISTE, and Common Core standards. We provide fun, engaging and effective lessons in digital literacy and cyber safety, along with an introduction to coding, to equip students with essential skills for their future in an increasingly digital world.

Frequently Asked Questions

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