Special Report: Progress Reporting at Every Level

Remember when you were a kid and report card time rolled around? You waited nervously all week, raced to see your grades before your parents did, and held your breath the entire time they sat through parent-teacher conferences.

Even if you were used to getting good grades and a glowing report from your teachers, there was always that chance that this would be the marking period where something would go horribly wrong, and you would have to face the disappointed looks on your parents’ faces. 

Next, you’d scramble to find some type of reasonable response like, “What are grades in school really?” or “Do grades matter in middle school?” And, of course, your parents would not be amused. So when another 9 weeks ended, and your grades weren’t all that shabby, you had a big sigh of relief—until the next report card session rolled around, anyway.   Continue reading “Special Report: Progress Reporting at Every Level”

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Gamifying Your Instruction Is Easier Than You Think

Ms. Cooper teaches 5th grade. At times, she wonders if she is genuinely an effective teacher. Her students don’t seem excited about the curriculum or as motivated to learn as she would hope. Students give up easily when faced with challenging assignments and often rely on her guidance when completing classroom activities. However, informally she hears about the latest games her students are playing at home. They devote time and patience to overcoming challenges, using strategic thinking, collaborating with teammates, and investigating resources when learning new skills.

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Learning Management Systems—Plus, Free Typing Activities!

You’re sitting down to design the perfect lesson plan for your class. You want it to be fun, engaging, and lead to purposeful discussions. The ultimate goal is for each student to build new knowledge and develop new skills so you consider how to connect it to their personal lives and make the content really matter to them. You also think back to what you’ve done recently in class and brainstorm how to create a smooth transition from one important topic to the next. And you suddenly realize that your sense of creativity is firing on all levels, and you’re getting excited about all of the new activities you’re developing. The only thing left to do is tailor them to work well with the learning management system (LMS) you use in class. Because you know that a good LMS can make a big difference in how your students receive information from you—both inside and outside of the classroom environment.

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Back-to-School Classroom Management Strategies

Back to school means it’s time for teachers to implement strategies to get to know students. Whether it’s ice breakers, activities, or routines to roll out on the first day back in the classroom, it’s important that teachers are strategic about these first few days in the classroom. Orienting students to expectations for the upcoming year sets them up for success.

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Cross-Curricular Standards with Collaborative Teaching

Gone are the days of teachers planning lessons alone and of teachers encouraging rote memorization of facts and praising their mindless repetition. Presently in education, pedagogy is trending heavily toward interdisciplinary practices with cross-curricular subject matter. Leaders in education want teachers to collaborate when developing long-term plans so that students’ skills can be robustly developed and consistently practiced in a variety of settings. The goal of this approach is that students will engage more fully in each class and their own education as a whole process.

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Use Your ESSER Funding in the Technology Classroom! Are you ESSERIOUS?

Use Your ESSER Funding in the Technology Classroom! Are you ESSERIOUS?

Time is ticking for ESSER grants. There’s lots of information to sift through when deciding how to seek ESSER funding for your school or classroom. Are you going cross-eyed yet? We are! How can you allocate the ESSER funds for your technology classroom? We’re breaking it down for you piece by piece and giving you the best resources you need to cash in on some much-needed funding for typing and digital citizenship as summer winds down and back to school kicks into gear for 2021-2022. 

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) requires local districts to release plans for a safe return to in-person instruction within 30 days of receiving funds, so the time to plan for your technology classroom is now!

Read on to combat the substantial learning loss affecting most children from COVID-19.

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