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Enhanced Curriculum

Access Premium-only creative writing and coding units to give students additional practice in building ELA and tech skills.

Ad Free Experience

Save bandwidth and keep students completely focused with an ad-free experience

Access All Your Historical Data

Access valuable historical data and pull reports using any time frame (free version caps data at 70 days back)

Customizable Learning

Student level settings allow for full individualized education programs (IEP)


Fine grained control of student progress with assignable lessons, tests and games

Real-time Student Monitor

Real-time student monitor gives teachers a quick view of student progress and activity

Auto Grading

Save time grading with customizable speed and accuracy thresholds

Customized Benchmarking

Control lesson progression with customizable speed and accuracy minimums

Customized Daily Goals

Encourage students to increase their time spent practicing typing by setting daily practice time goals

Student Seats are Transferable

Seats are automatically assigned as students log in and can easily be freed up for other students at any time

Priority Support

Get a front-of-the-line pass whenever you have questions or require technical support

Theo K testimonial
I have relied on the free accounts for years because the format is so wonderfully accessible. Upgrading to Premium was a dream without ads and everything was so simplified and organized in one place!
Theo K.
6th grade teacher