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Unleash the Power of Personalized Learning with Our PLUS Edition

Provide your students with an ad-free learning environment and a robust curriculum, all while streamlining your grading and tracking their progress with ease, thanks to assignable lessons, customizable thresholds and more!

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NYC Department of Education
Chicago Public Schools
Fort Worth Independent School District
Montgomery County Public Schools
Idea Public Schools

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 Enhanced, Expanded Curriculum

Enhanced, Expanded Curriculum

Access PLUS-only creative writing, coding units, and test prep to give students additional practice in building ELA and tech skills.

Integrated Assignments

Integrated Assignments

Assign lessons, tests and games to your class or individual students, then track student completion. Sync assignments with Google Classroom for a deeper integration.

 Automatic Grading

Automatic Grading

Set customizable grading thresholds to significantly reduce time spent grading.

Real-Time Activity Tracking

Real-Time Activity Tracking

Effortlessly track student engagement in real-time, offering valuable insights for ensuring consistent class participation.

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Deliver more simplicity and organization to your district. Get the most out of!

FREE Edition

  • Grade-based lessons, tests, and games
  • 70 day data retention
  • Yes
  • Classroom level settings only
  • Email only support

PLUS Edition

  • Test prep, creative writing and coding units
  • Unlimited data retention
  • 100% Ad-free
  • Classroom and student settings
  • Assign lessons, tests and games
  • Dedicated account management
  • Live student activity and progress
  • Auto grading thresholds
  • Customized benchmarking
  • Daily practice time goals
  • Priority phone and email support

Hear It from Our Users and Discover PLUS Edition's Impact

I use for student enrichment activities, campus and grade level competitions, and at various points in different curricula at the secondary campuses I support.
Justin Tucker
Justin Tucker, PLUS User
Instructional Technologist,
Texas City ISD
Students have the opportunity to practice authentic writing and publishing skills has been a key component in helping us to prepare future-ready graduates.
Margaret Harris-Shoates
Margaret Harris-Shoates, PLUS User
EdTech Coordinator,
York County School Division
IDEA Public Schools aims to grant access to all students to prepare for success in college, career, and a technology-centered world.
Agustin Cantu
Agustin Cantu, PLUS User
Math & Tech Literacy,

Frequently Asked Questions

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What additional learning resources are available exclusively in the PLUS Edition?
How much does the PLUS Edition cost and are there any available discounts for students, teachers, or bulk subscriptions?
What are the main benefits of the PLUS Edition compared to the Free Edition?
Can I access PLUS Edition from multiple devices, and will my progress be synced?
How can teachers or administrators monitor student progress and performance?

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Unlock the full potential of your typing journey with the PLUS Edition of! Experience a comprehensive and engaging learning environment designed to help your students master their typing skills faster and more efficiently.

Marshall ISD 6th graders have used PLUS for three years...Highly recommended for enhancing typing skills in a fun way, it helps students focus on creative content during online STAAR testing.
Dr. D. Garreth Durrant
Dr. D. Garreth Durrant
CTE Coordinator
Marshall ISD