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Grade 7 Curriculum

Built with 7th graders in mind, our curriculum accelerates typing proficiency, deepens understanding of digital citizenship, and boosts language arts skills, conforming to essential learning standards.

IDEA Public Schools aims to grant access to all students to prepare for success in college, career, and a technology-centered world.
Individualized Learning Program Manager – Math & Tech Literacy
Agustin C.

Curriculum Overview

The 7th grade curriculum enhances typing speed and precision through contextual typing lessons. We also delve deeper into concepts of digital citizenship, accentuating the importance of respectful and mindful online interaction. Students gain all these skills while meeting key learning standards.

Engaging Curriculum

Engaging Curriculum

Students learn valuable technology fundamentals – designed by experts for students of every skill level.

Gamified Learning

Gamified Learning

Engage students with fun typing games, interactive lessons, and achievements.

Make it Your Own

Make it Your Own

Enhance learning by creating your own lessons for cross-curricular reinforcement.

Standardized Test Prep Solution

Standardized Test Prep Solution

Prepare your students for standardized testing with free response typing lessons.

Standards Correlations

See how meets your state or federal standards for typing & technology

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does's 7th grade curriculum include games or fun activities to engage students?
Is the 7th grade curriculum aligned with national or state standards?
Can the 7th grade curriculum be customized to meet the needs of individual students or classrooms?
Is there a cost to use the 7th grade curriculum?
Does the 7th grade curriculum offer any integration with other educational technology platforms or tools?


With gamified learning and adaptive reinforcement lessons, students are excited about learning to type.
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