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  • Typing.com & the Teacher Portal are 100% free
  • Curriculum perfect for all age & skill levels
  • SSO via Google and Clever Single-Sign-On
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Over 14,000,000 students & 250,000 Teachers Use Typing.com

Absolutely Free

Typing.com is and always will be completely free. Advertisements can be removed forever for a small fee.

Single-Sign-On Support

You and your students can access Typing.com using your Google Apps or Clever.com accounts.

District SIS Roster Syncing

Use Clever Single Sign On and automatically sync your classes and student accounts. Best of all, it's Free!
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Practice From Anywhere

If you choose, students can also access Typing.com from home. Optionally restrict where student's can log in from, by IP address.

Multi-Device Support

Desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, thin clients, you name it! Typing.com supports whatever device your school or your students use.

Class Scoreboards

Optionally enable the Class Scoreboard to allow your students to view and compete with other students in their class.

Unlimited Students

Whether you need to teach 1 student, 100 students, or 1,000 students, Typing.com is always free and always unlimited.

Student Management

The free Teacher Portal allows full administration and management of student accounts. Create, track, group, and manage all your students from your web browser.

Real Time Student Monitoring

Our amazing Student Radar feature allows you to watch exactly what your students are working on, from within the Teacher Portal, in real time.

Standardized Testing Preparation

Typing.com's proven curriculum aligns with the Common Core Standards Initiative for Writing, preparing your students for typing mastery and success.

Curriculum for All Ages

Typing.com's typing curriculum was specifically written to support all age ranges, including elementary level students.


Access and export detailed reporting data. Reports and graphs exist for all levels of data.