Meet the Educator Champions!

 Introducing the Educator Champions.

We strive to build to be the most effective and useful tool possible for educators. In order to do this, we have implemented an ambassador program, consisting of “power users” – people who use the product every day and can help us understand what teachers and administrators want and need in a typing and digital literacy program

These educator champions serve as trusted advisors, to us, and to other educators. What does that mean?:

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Teaching Typing

The Most Successful Teachers Aren’t Afraid To Ask For Help.

In a recent study of elementary school teachers completed by Northwestern University, the most successful teachers were the ones who reached out to other teachers for advice and assistance. And their fellow teachers are happy to share their wisdom and experience!

“Ask a Teacher” is a new segment within the blog, created to help teachers continue to share and collaborate. This monthly article will answer the questions our teacher-readers pose to us and each other.  Continue reading “The Most Successful Teachers Aren’t Afraid To Ask For Help.”

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Practical Ideas You Can Use With Your Own Class!

Educators at every level appreciate a little support here and there, especially support that has the potential to make their job a little easier. 

Today, we’re happy to make available to you, two free e-books designed to help in the classroom in two different areas: 

  • The Digital Communication Skills Your Students Need to Succeed
  • How to Successfully Manage Students and Computers in the Classroom

Both books are straightforward and packed with practical recommendations, courtesy of educators’ experiences in their own classrooms. They’re available to download in PDF format.

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Better Typing Skills Improve Career Prospects!

Our readers know that teachers are our heroes and it’s fair to think educators are our main focus. However, it is also very exciting when adult learners let us know the program has made a positive impact in their life. Today, we’re sharing just such a story.

Recently, an email arrived from a user named Dale who wanted to thank us for creating He explained that our site helped him become a faster typist which, consequently, led him to a better job!

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Coupons, coupons, everywhere… and so much fun to redeem!

Welcome back to school, teachers! We hope you’ve shaken the last drops of seawater out of your ears, enjoyed all the enriching summer books you meant to read, and grabbed as much shut-eye as possible to carry you through the semester… 

At, we know that teachers are the batteries that keep classrooms energized, with their enthusiasm for each new school year. But what keeps teacher’s batteries charged? 

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Exciting Activities To Start the School Year With A Bang!

Hello and a resounding “welcome back” to all you wonderful returning teachers!

Going back to school after summer break is exciting AND stressful, both for students and teachers. In a recent survey asking teachers how they feel about the first day of school, they responded:

“Anxious about all of the unknowns the upcoming school year will bring, but excited to get to know the students and implement new ideas that the previous year birthed.”

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