Head into the New Year with 5 Simple Self-Care Tips

Whatever you do, do not enjoy your winter break. Don’t relax, don’t catch up on sleep, don’t enjoy extra time with your family, and certainly don’t eat so many delicious foods that you slip into a warm and cozy food coma. The only acceptable way to spend your upcoming winter break from school is to spend every waking moment reading, thinking, planning, and creating activities for your return to school in January. Because you’re a teacher, after all, which means that your personal life and level of sanity don’t actually matter. Remember, giving every ounce of your energy away to students was something you committed to long ago. And you surely can’t break that commitment now. 

Or, can you?

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Celebrating Teachers With STEM Around the World

By the time a student graduates from high school in the United States, they’ve had nearly 50 different teachers at school. That’s an impressive number of professionals working incredibly hard to make sure that each and every child receives the quality education that they deserve.

From elementary classroom teachers to middle and high school core and elective teachers, these highly qualified educators are shaping the lives of the country’s youngest citizens in innumerable ways.

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Celebrating Labor Day 2021 with Fun Learning Activities

Labor Day 2021 is just around the corner, and teachers around the country will soon be bombarded with the popular question, “Is there school on Labor Day?” Instead of just saying ‘no’ on autopilot, now is the perfect time to take advantage of this excellent learning opportunity in your classroom.

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Use Your ESSER Funding in the Technology Classroom! Are you ESSERIOUS?

Use Your ESSER Funding in the Technology Classroom! Are you ESSERIOUS?

Time is ticking for ESSER grants. There’s lots of information to sift through when deciding how to seek ESSER funding for your school or classroom. Are you going cross-eyed yet? We are! How can you allocate the ESSER funds for your technology classroom? We’re breaking it down for you piece by piece and giving you the best resources you need to cash in on some much-needed funding for typing and digital citizenship as summer winds down and back to school kicks into gear for 2021-2022. 

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) requires local districts to release plans for a safe return to in-person instruction within 30 days of receiving funds, so the time to plan for your technology classroom is now!

Read on to combat the substantial learning loss affecting most children from COVID-19.

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Teaching Typing

The Most Successful Teachers Aren’t Afraid To Ask For Help.

In a recent study of elementary school teachers completed by Northwestern University, the most successful teachers were the ones who reached out to other teachers for advice and assistance. And their fellow teachers are happy to share their wisdom and experience!

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Typing Fun With ASCII Art

ASCII Art also has great potential for use in the typing classroom because it challenges students to use symbols and punctuation marks that don’t always get regular use.

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