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Introducing…The NEW Typing.com Premium: Find Out What’s Changing!

Did you know that students score an average of 23 percent higher on tests when they are proficient typists? That’s why it’s crucial to find a typing program that delivers measurable results you can see in your students. Setting students up for success in the typing classroom means setting the teacher up for success first.

Big Things are Happening at Typing.com!

We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’re making Typing.com Premium even better. In addition to ad-free typing and priority support, Premium now includes access to updated curriculum and exciting new features to increase student engagement and make teachers’ lives easier! With our additional Premium typing units in creative writing and coding and our new individual student settings, teachers will love how simple it is to take their students from typing novices to confidently creating their own typed content.

Are you using the free version of Typing.com?

Upgrade to Premium this Fall in order to:

  • Access additional units including Creative Writing and Coding
    • Creative Writing: Give your students a chance to practice responding to free-response, essay-style questions in our creative writing unit.
    • Coding: Students will learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in our premium coding unit.
  • Create assignments
    • Assignment creation allows teachers to easily track student completion of lessons, tests, written prompts, and games. 
    • Easily sync assignments with Google Classroom LMS.
  • Set student grading
    • Customize the threshold for letter grades on typing and digital literacy lessons. 
  • Enjoy unlimited data retention
    • View each student’s progress over time—without worrying about losing any data.
  • Set student goals and benchmarks
    • Motivate your students to practice typing regularly by easily setting student goals.
    • Create custom benchmarks for speed, accuracy, and achieving stars.
  • Individual student settings
    • Customize the learning experience for individual students to help them excel at any learning stage.
  • Access a real-time feed
    •  See students who are currently online and what lessons they are working on.

Already have Premium?

  • No need to do anything! The new premium features (listed above) will automatically be added in your teacher portal this Fall!

Sign-up for Premium today!