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Distance Learning: Making it Work

In Part II of our Distance Learning series, we will be talking about how to bridge the distance between you and your students, what to do if you homeschool or are a school/district administrator, and other ways to help your students thrive while learning from home.

As we head into the weeks leading up to schools opening, uncertainty still hangs in the air. For teachers, administrators, and parents returning to teaching in—or out of—schools, being prepared with a blended approach is vital. 

Not unlike those learning to set time boundaries with offices and colleagues, teachers must now learn how to keep students focused and engaged even without their physical presence.

For administrators, districts, or homeschoolers, it is not only about keeping students focused and engaged but ensuring everyone is aligned and the current approach is working effectively. 

So how can we do all of this while navigating tricky times? Let’s start with how to maintain standards by bridging the distance gap

Bridging the Distance Learning Gap

Even before the shutdowns, the boundaries between class and homework had begun to blur. Now with no teachers standing nearby to keep students focused and on task, refocusing students’ attention with a hand on the shoulder or supervised timed work can feel impossible.

You might find Typing.com’s timed tests helpful in actively supporting your goals to keep your students on track. Help them achieve the educational standards you set and know exactly which students need extra attention, and how each compare within your class.

Without the immediate feedback freely available through close physical proximity, gauging students’ level of understanding and providing guided instruction through this “back and forth” method understandably leads to communication gaps. That’s where typing.com comes in. Avoid having to repeat yourself by posting a single note to your class that appears at the top of the student login page that everyone can see. 

Typing.com also helps you avoid lengthy assignment instructions that have become regular with distance learning. Curriculum materials come with easy to follow video instructions or short custom instructions that you can give to your students.  

Check out all the curricular activities you can choose from here.

Seamlessly Manage Your Curriculums at a Distance

For teachers and administrators who want a firm handle on their curriculums, how they are being used, and how effectively, Typing.com provides great clarity.

For districts and schools, administrative-level reporting gives an overview on how teachers are using the product, staff management and activity, and the ability to create custom lessons at the district level—whether your teachers are in or out of the physical classroom. Create standards, set clear goals, and understand exactly how everyone measures up—as individuals and within groups you set. 

Progress and work syncs directly with Google Classroom. As an educator, you’ll save precious time and enjoy 1-click sync to get all your students typing faster and performing better, with everyone on the same page.

While having everyone on the same page means keeping work consistent across students or classrooms, it doesn’t have to mean that everyone is working on exactly the same thing. Typing.com allows you to easily manage a completely customized curriculum that you can adjust to your needs, hide or reveal specific pieces of content, and restrict access and permissions as necessary—online from wherever you need to be.

All that progress and work is then automatically reported on, both in your typing.com dashboard and delivered via email each week. Easily share information with parents, teachers, or colleagues.

If You Educate at Home

You absolutely don’t need to be a teacher or administrator to enjoy all the benefits of typing.com. Typing.com educational tools are free and available to anyone who wants an accessible, effective curricular toolkit.

Typing.com is a complete distance learning tool giving you the power to transform your instruction so students thrive—even from far away.

All of Typing.com’s student, teacher, school, and district features and controls are FREE. Setting up an account is quick and easy. Learn more here.



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