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New and Improved Reports

You’re Going to Love the Upgraded Report Options!

Are you ready to be excited? Then log in to your teacher portal and dig into the new and improved reports and easy-to-read charts and graphs, providing you with detailed information on student and class progress! 

First things first – it is now easier for you to see what reports are available and what information you’ll find in each one with the updated drop-down report menu. 

You’ll notice that we’ve added an Improvement Over Time report. This report can be filtered by class, lesson, and date and will provide you with a snapshot of how your classes are progressing. 

Report drop down

We’ve also added graphs to every Typing.com report. These graphs will give you an easier and more visual way to evaluate student activity and understand where they excel, and where they might need a little extra practice. 

Lesson details

Adding functionality, you can drill down into each unit to see overall progress for individual lessons in that unit. We also added in-table filtering by class, lesson, test, and game – so you have all the information you need, right at your fingertips.

And last, but not least… We didn’t want to leave your students out of the fun so we added a few charts to their portal. They now have their very own report so that they can see their Typing Test progress as well as their Games data

Log in now and take a look. We would love to hear your feedback in the comments!


5 thoughts on “You’re Going to Love the Upgraded Report Options!

  1. Really impressed with this feature (among the rest of the new & improved features). It makes reports far easier to analyse when it comes to reporting time. It will also be a useful visual tool for parents/teachers to look at when learning how our touch typing class is progressing.

    Great job with this!

  2. The upgrades are awesome! I like the idea of the chart on the top of the page when looking at student’s activities. This way, I can see an overall picture of their progress. I like the changes and structure made to the curriculum and how it relates to the standards. Thank you for giving teachers more control in adjusting settings and generating better reports.

    Typing.com Rules!!! The Best!!! Keep up the good work.!!!

  3. Though not all games show up in the report, but show up on their line graph. This makes it hard to check off their work that I assigned them.

  4. Ok, so, I have no idea where this comment should actually go, but can I just take this opportunity to thank the developers for recently creating an option that allows administrators to use a “self-join link” for inviting other administrators. This makes things MUCH easier for users/admins who are forced to use proxies (I.E. Whitelists, etc). Instead of having numerous teachers that have been unable to link-up accounts to the district, this direct-join link makes things much better and it will be much easier for my district to get a more accurate assesment of student progress overall. This probably isn’t the right blog message to comment about this, however, I am just SO pleased with this option that I had to write it somewhere. I am looking forward to linking our district/school accounts together after the new year! Thanks a MILLION!

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