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The Teaching.com Team Thanks Their Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week

Teaching.com has been celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week this week with a five-day giveaway. As the week comes to an end, we’ve come together to submit our own thank-you notes to teachers who made a positive impact in our lives.

Thank you to all teachers, today and everyday! #ThankATeacher

I had many teachers throughout the years who went the extra mile to make learning fun and engaging. They instilled in me a joy for learning and encouraged me to see learning as a lifelong pursuit that extended beyond the walls of their classroom.  

Thank you Mr. Cronk, Ms. Cross, Senior Till, Mr. Irish and Mr. Friedle.

Now, as my kids are attending school, Teacher Appreciation week takes on a new meaning. I’m incredibly grateful to the teachers who go above and beyond – inspiring a love of learning in the hearts and minds of the next generation.

For this Teacher Appreciation week I reflect back with great respect on those who helped guide me, and I look forward with renewed excitement on those who are shaping our future. Thank you to all our amazing Teachers!

Brent Strandy – Typing.com Product Developer


I had an English teacher (I think her name was Mrs. Santiago) who, at some point during my freshman year in high school, did a thorough clean-out of her bookcase and arrived one day at school with at least some 10 or 12 books she didn’t have any room for and wouldn’t be rereading. They were in a plastic bag and she handed them to me directly. She didn’t have to ask me if I wanted them. I did, sight unseen. I felt like I’d worn some kind of secret award. Of the 80 students in my class (and all the many more throughout the school that she had in her classes), she’d noticed that I carried around a book wherever I went.

I still remember that bag of old books because it had a couple of gems in it. It included a few books that were pure horror trash and I enjoyed them thoroughly well into the night. The most surprising of the bunch was this unassuming dog-eared paperback called Perfume, about a guy with a talent for scents, with an uncanny sense of smell. (By now it has been made into a movie.)

You’d think a book about scents would be the most tedious thing in the world; it was calculus for squirrels as far as I knew, but I began to read and couldn’t put it down until the very shocking, disturbing end. It made me appreciate the present even more because no teacher could possibly give a book such as this to just any regular kid (or so my ego told me).

I don’t know exactly why this memory stands out for me. I guess I appreciated that Mrs. Santiago gave me a gift fit for an adult while my Mom was having break downs about wanting to control my reading material as if I were still a little kid.

But that Perfume book. Oh boy.

Madeleine Díaz Quilichini – Customer Success Specialist


Dear Elle Abney,

Thank you for all of the hard work and passion you put into your job.  Teachers like you are the ones who truly make an impact on the lives of the children in your classroom.

We can feel confident knowing that kids who have lived a year under Mrs. Abney will walk way a little more prepared for and a little more excited about what life has in store for them.

Please know that you are making a difference.

Travis Alexander – Nitro Type “Tech Dude”


Thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm, and allowing me to experiment, fail and grow. I am grateful to have had you as a guide. If it weren’t for your patience, encouragement and dedication, I wouldn’t be the same person today.

Colin Spence – Typing.com Product Developer


From city to suburban schools, from under to well funded, I have sat in a number of different classroom situations growing up. What I remember most is that across those different school situations, I have always found and gravitated to the most passionate teachers.

You may know the type… the one’s who make dry lessons feel anything but, who keep it real with you, who help develop the skills you actually need to succeed (even if it’s off textbook), the ones you enjoy working with… in-class and for after-school activities (shout out to my fellow drama nerds!)

I wouldn’t be the person I am, sitting where I am, without the guidance and encouragement of these educators… and I can never thank them enough.

Mr. A., Fitz (Mr. Fitzpatrick), Mr. Fleming… you know you rocked and made HS a blast. Prof Galperin and DK Jang… thank you for helping guide me as a designer and set me up to succeed in my career right out the gate. Thank you, thank you.

Julian Rosado – Nitro Type Product Designer


Through all my years of schooling, your name is always the first that comes to mind with Teacher Appreciation Week.  You’ve had a profound impact on so many children just like me, and it’s with this week, and always, that we show our appreciation.  You made learning fun for me, challenged me to be my best, and constantly instilled a mentality of “the world is your oyster”. For what you did for me, and countless others, I thank you.

Corey Bach – Director of Finance


Mr. Watkins, I have more fond memories of your classroom than any other. I thank you for the time you spent building me up. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized how much that time meant to you as well. You expanded my horizons and taught me how to think differently. Thank you.

Tim Dikun – Director of Product and Operations


I would like to give a giant thank you to all the teachers that put their heart and soul into helping their students. In particular, I would love thank Mr. Hall – with his patience, humour, and enthusiasm, he encouraged me to develop strong critical thinking skills, and taught me how to “look deeper” for the answers.

Austin Butler – Founder & President


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