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Student premium now only $7.99

Student premium accounts now only $7.99!

In light of COVID-19 the world has transitioned from in-person classrooms to a remote learning environment. At Typing.com, we know how important foundational technical skills are for navigating this new reality, and so the ability to type is more important than ever. We’re committed to providing the best platform for students to learn these skills with a world-class keyboarding, technical readiness, and career preparation curriculum.

So we’re excited to announce a dramatic price reduction for student premium accounts on Typing.com! Starting today, the price for individual student upgrades has been reduced from $34.95 down to $7.99. While our curriculum will always be free, our premium membership offers students an ad-free experience.

To learn more about upgrading your account please visit Typing.com.

Also, if you’re a teacher or administrator we have bulk pricing options for classrooms, schools and districts available!


3 thoughts on “Student premium accounts now only $7.99!

  1. Thank you so much Typing.com for reducing the price to get premium account. After 3 years 5 months learning typing here, I got the premium member account and can learn with peace without add interrupting. Before this, I had try many times to get premium account but my account not valid to upgrade because I stay in Malaysia.
    I just pay RM35.00 to upgrade to premium account several days ago. Now I am in intermediate lesson page in home row word. I can touch type although still slow but my numeric typing keypad is terrible so fast, I can achieve 21,000 KPH with 99% above accuracy. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I LOVE TYPING.COM! Hope I can be a master typing like my idol Sean Wrona one day.

  2. I have used typing.com for several years. I am writing a grant for all of my students for next year at the discounted price of $7.99. Is there a bulk pricing for my students? I am “guessing” that I will need approximately 50 student units. Can you help me so I can prepare this grant? thanks.

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