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New typing.com teacher portal

Introducing The New, Friendlier Typing.com Teacher Portal

In this digital age there are so many new platforms for teachers to learn. We know adjusting to another might feel overwhelming. Fortunately, the new teacher portal is a welcome change in a time when that’s not so easy to say anymore. Friendlier design and more intuitive to use, check out how the new teacher portal makes your life easier…

Completely Redesigned User Experience on Typing.com

During a time when there are so many new tools to learn, we hoped to make the new portal feel familiar and approachable. With friendlier colors and cleaner design,  the new Typing.com user experience is more enjoyable to use and easier to understand.


More Efficient Navigation

With all the new tools, rules, and schedules to manage, we made the new teacher portal quick and easy to navigate. 

  • We’ve broken out all of the functionality you use most and organized it on the left side panel. 
  • Now you can find and easily view your class, school and district students
  • View your students usernames directly in your dashboard. No more clicking into their profiles means less work for you
  • Grading and managing assignments has never been easier because you can view all the assignments you’ve given across all your classes at once
  • Add classes, students, assignments or custom lessons from any page with the click of a button
  • As a failsafe, the improved search bar helps you find absolutely anything you’re looking for—classes, students, assignments or lessons


Improvements for Distance Learning

Now you can set your class active at certain days for specific time periods. This means you can manage when and how your students can view, work on, and turn in their work.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to check out our support articles by clicking here

If you’d like to see a live demonstration of how to set up your account, join our webinar where we will discuss and demo all these and more. 

We’ll be taking your questions live and walking you through the most important features of the world’s most popular typing tool. Register for the webinar here.


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