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New! Improve your Students’ 21st Century Skills with New Tech Literacy and Coding Curriculum

As you know, keyboarding and related tech literacy skills represent some of the most fundamental competencies in 21st century learning and career readiness!

To help you prepare your students to succeed – in the classroom and beyond – Typing.com has developed extensive tech-literacy curriculum including Tech Readiness, Career Preparation, and Coding Basics.  

This new curriculum is now available to all students directly from the Typing.com lessons screen. Students learn through fun and informative videos as well as written content to increase information retention. In addition, modules end with multiple choice quizzes, and each student’s scores will be available in the reports section of your teacher portal.

Tech Readiness

Features key information on computer and web basics including online safety, email rules, internet manners, and more.

Whether you’re a computer lab teacher, librarian, or a general teacher in your own classroom, you’ll find this an easy and effective way to introduce your younger learners to computer basics. And with younger kids spending more and more time online, we can all agree that keeping them safe while searching is imperative.

Sample content from the unit on Internet Search Tips

Career Preparation  

This curriculum features units on Workplace Professionalism, Using Technology in the Workplace, and Word Processing.

As students are getting closer to entering the workforce, these skills quickly become necessary. Many high school students may already have a part-time job or might be seeking an internship and those getting close to graduation may be on the lookout for a full-time position. This content is designed to help them master the foundations for success.

A question from the Ethics, Values, and Privacy unit quiz

Coding Essentials  

Featuring HTML and CSS (Javascript coming soon!), these lessons give students a chance to learn the basics of coding. Through a simplified approach to what has become an invaluable skill, learners will work their way through lines of code before progressing to the next screen, where they can see what they’ve created. Another cool feature? Your students can also download their code to continue developing it offline.

Each of these new features are designed to provide your students with a fun, engaging environment to explore and learn. We hope you and your students will enjoy using this content in your classroom!

Sample screen from the Coding Essentials unit, HTML – The Structure of a Webpage

Coming Soon!

In addition to all the amazing new content, you will soon be able to access Typing.com from your Google Classroom or your ClassLink account. This single sign on access will be available in the next week so keep an eye out for details!


44 thoughts on “New! Improve your Students’ 21st Century Skills with New Tech Literacy and Coding Curriculum

  1. Will there be a place in the teacher settings to make a “required passing percentage on the quizzes” in the Tech Readiness and Career Path lessons? Otherwise, I imagine students just scrolling down and guessing through these quizzes to continue to the next lesson.

    I think these lessons are fantastic!

    1. I think that the coding thing is awesome. I am a student and I an currently using the coding part on Typing.com and I personally think that it is awesome.

        1. If you are trying to access this from a student profile, just go to lessons and then click on the Coding Essentials block on the left side.
          If you are accessing from the teacher portal, click on Curriculum and scroll down to view the content.

          The Typing.com Team

          1. Unless of course you are a member of a class that is operated by a Teacher. In that case you will have to wait for your teacher to make the lessons accessible to you and the other members of your class.

  2. My current 3rd and 4th graders have a google login (I gave them the code to join my class)

    Are you saying it will be easier for them than what I have already done?

  3. This is fantastic. I’ve been using custom text or typing.io for improving my coding accuracy and speed. I hope this becomes a big part of typing.com and not just a single lesson. Even better if it’s aimed at multiple levels of ability and language.

  4. Thanks for adding some amazing features guys. I’m looking forward to use them and later will come up with more feedback about new features.

    Cheers to your brilliant work!

    1. The new curriculum is in Typing.com now! The rest of the coding will be added shortly.

      The Typing.com Team

  5. I got fired from police record clerk job because I do not essential skills which is coding skills. I need this course for my police record clerk. I missed it by 20 points only.

  6. I know HTML and CSS, but I can’t wait for the JS and animations to come out! Could you maybe add Python or Java after that? Python is a very cool language 🙂 Thanks!

  7. My father has to use this website now. He is 53 and I am 17, and in charge of his typing exercises. He had his final Carpral tunnels surgery last week. How can I get him to focus on making typing a priority? He keeps telling me he will do it but he isnt. I need some help and ideas here.

  8. Hi. I am just Loving Using typing.com
    I use it from almost 2 Years. I will keep using this site to increase My typing speed. But I feel unable to reach a goal of 90 -100 WPM. Can I reach there If I practice hard? I am now on 70-80 Wpm

  9. I am a tech teacher who has been using Type to Learn for years. Our budget is very tight, and the kids are not devoting enough time to reach higher levels. I showed them your site and they found it easier in some ways. I could not test them on it, as it asks if they are 13 and they are not at this time. What is the pricing for a school, with 200 students in grades 3 and 4.

    1. Hi – we’re happy to hear that your students find Typing.com easier!
      Typing.com and all our content and school/district management tools is completely free.If you would like an ad-free experience for your students along with some other benefits (see all the benefits here) we can provide a quote – just let us know!
      Warm regards,
      The Typing.com Team

  10. Great job on the new features to the website.
    After finishing the typing sections it gave me the confidence boost to start learning coding basics from other resources. It’s great to see coding and other digital literacy skills added to typing.com.
    Can’t wait to complete them here as well and looking forward for more.

  11. Cool! Suggestion. How about a certain class that joins in a live typing race to see who can finish the fastest?

    1. Hi Cathryn,

      Of course! Students can just log in to their Typing.com account and access the content from the menu.

      Warm regards,
      The Typing.com Team

  12. Is there a way to DISABLE this new content? We may use it, but I’d rather not have students tempted to click on the new stuff when they are supposed to be doing regular touch typing practice. I’d like to be able to enable/disable access to the new stuff.

    1. Hi Jeff,
      Yes – you can disable and enable the content as your class progresses. Go to your teacher dashboard and click on My Classes. Then choose your class and click on the content tab at the top that you want to disable (digital literacy, coding, games, etc.). At the top right you’ll see a tab that says “Units”. There you can unselect any units you don’t want your class to see.

      Hope that helps!
      The Teaching.com team

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