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Meet the Typing.com Educator Champions!

 Introducing the Typing.com Educator Champions.

We strive to build Typing.com to be the most effective and useful tool possible for educators. In order to do this, we have implemented an ambassador program, consisting of Typing.com “power users” – people who use the product every day and can help us understand what teachers and administrators want and need in a typing and digital literacy program

These educator champions serve as trusted advisors, to us, and to other educators. What does that mean?:

  • For Typing.com this means we work with them when developing updates to our product. We find out what tools are important to have, what they find useful, and where we need to make a change. Building Typing.com with teachers, for teachers, is the best way we know to ensure it’s a tool you want to use!
  • For you educators this means they will share their experience and expertise with you. Through blog posts, social media, byline articles and more, our ambassadors can give you ideas on how to use Typing.com in your class, school, or district.  

 Without further ado, please give a warm welcome to:

Beth Budinich

Typing.com Educator Champion

Beth has been a school librarian and teacher since 1995.

“In helping students become information literate, it is important to me to integrate technology in their library lessons. One crucial tool that underlies their online learning and communicating is learning efficient keyboarding using Typing.com. I have used it for 4 years and continually refine my practices with it to increase student motivation and success.”

Christine Mueller 

Typing.com Educator Champion

After 25 years in the band classroom, Christine Mueller joined the Educational Technology Services team at Oklahoma City Public Schools. In her new role, she enjoys assisting schools with technology integration, producing events like the OKCPS Key Bee, and creating online curriculum and websites for teachers. Christine can be found on Twitter @christinemuel

 Rory Stadt

Typing.com Educator Champion

Rory is a technology teacher at Joplin, Missouri South Middle School. He enjoys teaching middle school students and believes the best part of teaching is connecting with students and sharing a passion for learning.

“I focus the majority of keyboarding instruction in the sixth grade to help students establish the foundation they need to be able to complete more difficult online projects later on. They start out by working through the beginner and intermediate lessons, to learn accurate typing techniques. Then they learn the home row keys and move on to mastering advanced punctuation, and more.” 

Many thanks to Beth, Christine, and Rory for their willingness share their experiences as Typing.com Educator Champions! Feel free to address any questions to them in the comment section.

If you are a Typing.com power user and are interested in helping to shape the future of the product, let us know in the comments below or reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll schedule some time to talk!


2 thoughts on “Meet the Typing.com Educator Champions!

  1. Great work to these Champions. Teachers are not judged based on the success of the TEACHER, they are judged based on the success of their STUDENTS. These teachers are an example of helping students succeed and become future leaders through the use of technology. Someday when we are laying around watching some “kid” put in the order for our medication, we will be glad that the person knows how to type properly. There is a big difference between 50mg and 50kg. ha ha
    Great work teachers. Thanks for all that you do. 🙂

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