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Integrating Typing.com Into Your Lesson Plans is Now Easier!

Teachers, it’s time for more great news from Typing.com!

 We’re delighted to provide you with some exciting new tools that make integrating Typing.com into your day-to-day lessons even easier!

First, we have created a Knowledge Database. This resource will answer all your burning questions about setting up your classroom, pulling reports, assigning content, creating custom lessons, and more. Take a look around – you might be surprised at how flexible Typing.com is in meeting your specific needs. 


typing.com faq


Not only that, but we have some new documentation that you can print and keep with you for quick reference, or that you can access online at any time. This documentation includes:

How will these help?

Let’s say you are teaching your students about Internet safety. With the Scope and Sequence and Standards documents, you have quick and easy access to information on how Typing.com is aligned to your lesson plans, and the specific standards your students will meet with each module. Just assign the appropriate lessons and your students will be off and running!

 These three new resources were created to simplify your life and ensure that incorporating Typing.com into your lessons remains a trouble-free, worry-free task. Take a look around and let us know what you think!


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