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Coupons, coupons, everywhere… and so much fun to redeem!

Welcome back to school, teachers! We hope you’ve shaken the last drops of seawater out of your ears, enjoyed all the enriching summer books you meant to read, and grabbed as much shut-eye as possible to carry you through the semester… 

At Typing.com, we know that teachers are the batteries that keep classrooms energized, with their enthusiasm for each new school year. But what keeps teacher’s batteries charged? 

Many educators agree that, to continue being cool, calm, and collected pillars of strength and knowledge, they turn to their sense of humor. This can be especially true in the classroom, since humor is an effective way to engage students and activate learning. 

“Because I know that a good laugh eases tension, increases creativity … I will do almost anything to get the class rolling with laughter—voice inflections, exaggerated facial expressions and movements, hilarious personal stories (of which I have way too many), ridiculous examples…and I encourage my students to do the same.”

— Kaywin Cottle, Speech Communications teacher* 

In view of how intense back to school can be, and to help keep a sense of humor front and center, we’ve created a few completely non-redeemable, absolutely absurd, good for nothing but a chuckle coupons for teachers to use in the privacy of their pedagogical fantasies. In other words, we just aim to bring a smile and perhaps an eye-roll due to our silliness. Here is an example:


Typing.com Back to School


And another! Who hasn’t dreamed of a summer extension?


Typing,com Back to School


You can find these coupons and more in our social media pages (two per week on our Twitter and Facebook pages, for the next six to eight weeks) to bring you smiles and remind you why you got into teaching in the first place: the money and the fame! (Just kidding.)

Collect them all and, if you can actually redeem any, let us know how you did it. Also, feel free to come up with your own and let us know what they are: what kind of teacher coupon do you desperately want to see? We’ll make designs out of the best ones!






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