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Now Available: Teacher Portal for Nitro Type!

Hey, Teachers!

Recently, we announced the Nitro Type Teacher Portal through the Clever platform. After countless emails asking for us to make this available to everyone, we have more awesome news for all of you: the Nitro Type Teacher Portal is now available to everyone!

If you’re unfamiliar, Nitro Type (which is completely free!) is Typing.com’s sister typing site where students from around the world practice and improve their typing skills by competing against other (evenly matched) typists.

Students hop into their collectable race cars, jump onto the race track, and see who can type mini typing tests the fastest! Students love it so much that they look forward to practicing, and the lightly-competitive nature helps propel them to new high speeds! In fact, many students manage to double their typing speed within 3-6 months. How cool is that?


For you teachers who are racing-circuit veterans and count on Nitro Type’s safe, fun, and engaging (your students might call it addictive) qualities for classroom practice time, you have long been asking for better control over your students online activity, and you’ve got it! The new Teacher Portal is set to deliver the control you want with great tools designed to let you direct how and when your students use Nitro Type.


The Teacher Portal allows you to:

  • know right away who is racing and who has gone off-track through a live activity feed you can keep your eye on during class.
  • identify which students are progressing and which need a bit more direction via a complete one-stop-shop reporting tool.
  • help your students stay focused on their typing by turning off all access to comments in the news section.
  • manage how much time your students spend on the track when you restrict their access to Nitro Type.

We hope you’re ready for turbo-level class management, and the happiest students you’ve ever seen, because you’ll soon have more oversight, power and control of your class than ever before.

We’re off to the races and rallying to bring all the teachers along!



9 thoughts on “Now Available: Teacher Portal for Nitro Type!

  1. This should integrated directly with the typing.com site. In like a sub-directory or something, so it doesn’t require access to multiple sites. Similar to the other games on the site. (I.E. typing.com/nitrotype). Otherwise it can create issues with proxies. Just a thought.

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