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5 Top Tips for Keeping Your Computer Desktop Clean

Studies show that people are more productive when working in an organized workspace. We’re willing to bet the same is true for working with an organized computer desktop.

For one, computers actually run more slowly when the desktop is cluttered with dozens of documents, photos, excel sheets, and applications. Additionally, a messy desktop makes it harder to find what you’re looking for and is more distracting when you sit down to get work done.

Nonetheless, the job of keeping a virtual desktop clutter free feels like an unrelenting battle. Even after a thorough desktop purge, a few days later it’s a mess again.

In honor of “National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day” here are our top tips for keeping your virtual desktop clean and organized.

Use folders (in folders)

When it comes to desktop organization, folders are your friend. Yes, it will take you a few extra clicks to get to what you’re looking for, but if your folders are set up in a logical way, you’ll know where everything is. Once you’ve set up folders for the broadest categories of documents you save (work, home, school, etc.) create folders within these folders to further categorize the types of files you want to archive.

Try out sectioned wallpaper

There are plenty of sectioned wallpapers you can download that allow you to sort files and folders into categories right on your desktop. This is a great option if you are a visual person who likes to see where everything is, but still want to bring some order to your home screen.

Customize your desktop

For some people, all it takes to keep their desktop clean and tidy is a sentimental photo that they don’t want to obstruct. Try uploading a meaningful photo as your wallpaper instead of one of the generic flowerscapes that came with your computer. If it’s a photo you love, you might find that you’re more likely to periodically clean up your desktop just so the photo looks its best.

Schedule a periodic cleaning

Sure, it’s easy enough to say you are going to tidy up your desktop every Friday before you leave the office, but, like many things, this is easier said than done. Since organizing one’s desktop is never 100% necessary, it’s a task that often gets skipped over in favor of more urgent work. Make cleaning up your desktop a priority by scheduling an appointment in your calendar periodically. It will be much harder to avoid when you get a pesky reminder on your screen that it’s time for a desktop tidy.

Try out Google Drive

If it’s Microsoft Office documents that are making most of the mess on your desktop, consider switching over to Google Drive. Aside from dozens of other perks to the Google Drive platform, all of your documents get automatically saved online, meaning that you’ll never have to save anything to your desktop. A warning here, though. If you’re not careful, it’s very easy to end up with a Google Drive that is just as cluttered as your desktop.

So in honor of “National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day” set aside some time this week to clean up your desktop once and for all by trying out some of these tips. You and your computer will be happy you did!


3 thoughts on “5 Top Tips for Keeping Your Computer Desktop Clean

  1. Hi Mike,

    Great article! You really touched on something I need to do, as do many of my students. I’ll be sure to clean my virtual desktop this weekend.

    Also, I really do enjoy your helpful ideas that you post on the blog. So glad I subscribed to this, and keep up the great work!


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