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Build Foundational Skills

Building Foundational Technology Skills for Lifelong Success

One question we hear from teachers regularly, is “Do my students really need to learn how to type?”. With new technology like speech-to-text, how important is it to learn proper keyboarding skills?

Very important. 

Typing is a foundational skill. Think of it like learning to tie your shoes. Of course there are slip on shoes and velcro shoes, but at some point, you will probably need to learn how to tie a shoe.

The foundational skill of typing is one that students will use in all aspects of their lives. Many students now take standardized tests online, which must be typed. The student who knows the keyboard will inevitably do better than the one who has to hunt and peck her answers out. Older students will be required to write papers, and knowing how to type will be instrumental in speeding up this process. Eventually, our students will be attempting to build a career – and it will not be easy for them to create their CV with speech-to-text technology.

While keyboarding is not part of your core curriculum, it can certainly help your students improve their performance and testing in that core curriculum.

The question of when and how to begin integrating technology into the classroom is faced by many elementary teachers. Students will be using technology in one way or another for their entire school career, and teaching technology basics becomes more important with each new day.

So how do you start to lay this foundation?

  1. Start at the beginning! Work with your early elementary students to understand the components of a computer, educating them about specific pieces such as the mouse, keyboard, monitor, and other terms that may be unfamiliar to them. 
  2. Next, begin teaching important internet basics with offline discussions about online safety, proper online behavior, email rules and manners, and Internet search DO’s and DON’Ts. These basic skills will be used by students throughout their school career, whether accessing educational applications, doing homework, or basic word processing.
  3. Once they have learned the simple concept of using a computer they can begin work on an essential skill: typing. Learning to type is the step that will open even more doors to the wonderful world of technology. Understanding how to input information into the screen will quickly make them feel comfortable working with computers and will simplify everything for them – from writing reports, conducting online research, and completing online tests.

We encourage teachers to take advantage of the entire Typing.com curriculum, including typing lessons, typing games, and digital literacy content. You will be providing your students valuable foundational skills that they will use in school and beyond. 

About Typing.com
Typing.com prepares students for their future with essential lessons on keyboarding and digital literacy. Students enjoy interactive lessons, engaging videos, typing games, and extensive digital literacy skill building. Teachers, schools, and districts love the extensive teacher controls, custom lessons, and comprehensive student and class reports. Best of all, it’s free!


2 thoughts on “Building Foundational Technology Skills for Lifelong Success

  1. I am working with high school students who have special needs. Many of them are proficient on iPads and smart phones, but have had little to no keyboarding experience. Typing.com has been an invaluable resource. We started this school year with lessons on the vocabulary of different computer parts and then launched right into the keyboarding lessons. As they became familiar with keyboarding, we began the internet safety lessons. They enjoy the lessons, keyboarding practice and seeing progress with the levels. The certificates are a source of pride. With their improved skills and confidence most have been able to tackle creative projects with word processing, (ex: thank-you letters and creative writing.) Keyboarding skills have enabled them to do more than be consumers of educational apps and video games. They enjoy creating with technology now. Thanks, Typing.com!

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