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Frazzled Students? How To Deal with Burnout

When you think back to the first day of any new school year, it’s pretty easy to paint a picture of what it looked like. Excited students wander the halls with new backpacks, friends reunite, and teachers introduce themselves to whole classrooms full of new students. The first day is generally dedicated to getting to know one another and going over procedures. A little chaotic, but everything is also new and fresh. Moods are elevated and students are excited and motivated to learn. 

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Using Assessments in Edtech—Plus, Free Activities!

Teachers recognize that assessments are a critical part of identifying baseline skills and progress over time. In fact, assessments are an important part of the entire learning process. Without them, educators are simply providing new information to students without having a clear understanding of when, how, or if that new information is actually being retained.

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Importance of Play-Based Learning in the Tech Classroom 

Students learn better when they are provided with opportunities to engage in hands-on activities. Through play, students can explore concepts and lessons in a way that meets them where they are.  In today’s edtech classroom, students can develop typing skills in fun and play-based ways. It’s possible to seamlessly support young children’s learning in the edtech classroom with fun game-based learning. Find out how play-based learning can be incorporated in the technology classroom below!

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6 Tips for Preventing Teacher Burnout

Educators have long been under immense stress. Many of us have heard the claim that half of new teachers quit within their first five years on the job. New data suggests that about 17% of new teachers quit within this time frame, but this is concerning nonetheless. 

There’s no debating it: when teachers burn out, everyone suffers. Before you can show up for your students, you have to show up for yourself first. 

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How to Know How Fast Your Students Should Be Typing

In today’s very technology-driven world, typing may be one of the most underrated skills out there. After all, there are documents, spreadsheets, slide shows, forms, videos, and websites to create too. And these projects may seem more exciting to students in your class because when they’re done creating them, they have something creative and tangible to show off.

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7 Tips for Better Parent-Teacher Communication

Positive, open communication with parents can make or break the school year for both teachers and the students they serve. Whether you teach preschool, seniors, or anywhere in between, it’s important to recognize that parents are just as invested in your students’ academic successes as you are. Once you create a solid partnership with them, you’ll see the positive net impact it has on your entire classroom.

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8 Tips for a Successful Back-to-School Night

As many of us are back in the classroom for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic shook our world, we have so much to look forward to! New students, familiar faces, and the opportunity to do what we love. 

As with any new school year, we will welcome parents into our room for the annual back-to-school night. Although this is a tradition, this year’s back-to-school night feels more important than ever. Surely, parents will have questions and concerns related to COVID-19 precautions, classroom protocol, and what to do in the event that we switch back to online learning. 

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#1 Skill for Student Success in the Digital World

It’s easy for educators to focus primarily on software itself but it’s also important to be mindful about helping to develop the fundamental skills of keyboarding and typing. In our ever expanding digital world, however, knowing how to type is no longer enough. To be successful in the future, young people need to be masters of keyboarding.

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distance learning

Distance Learning: Navigating Challenges with The Right Tools

With all the uncertainty surrounding schools opening, educators must be prepared to digitize teaching for effective distance learning. In this first part of a 4-part series, you’ll learn which features will help you break down the distance barriers—so everyone can thrive.

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Teaching Typing

The Most Successful Teachers Aren’t Afraid To Ask For Help.

In a recent study of elementary school teachers completed by Northwestern University, the most successful teachers were the ones who reached out to other teachers for advice and assistance. And their fellow teachers are happy to share their wisdom and experience!

“Ask a Teacher” is a new segment within the Typing.com blog, created to help teachers continue to share and collaborate. This monthly article will answer the questions our teacher-readers pose to us and each other.  Continue reading “The Most Successful Teachers Aren’t Afraid To Ask For Help.”

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