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#1 Skill for Student Success in the Digital World

It’s easy for educators to focus primarily on software itself but it’s also important to be mindful about helping to develop the fundamental skills of keyboarding and typing. In our ever expanding digital world, however, knowing how to type is no longer enough. To be successful in the future, young people need to be masters of keyboarding.

Laying the foundation

Keyboarding is a skill that we all have, and it’s part of the foundation needed to interact in the digital world. It affects everything a keyboard touches; your phone, your computer, even a tablet in a store.  

With a world filled with digital content—from essays to blog posts, google searches or standardized test responses—keyboarding is the foundational skill that makes this type of content possible. 

Touch typing makes you faster and your accuracy better. Get tasks done quicker so you can spend a bit more time away from your computer and generally be more productive. This seemingly simple skill can be what makes the difference for students’ future careers—academic and professional. 

It frees up cognitive energy, letting students focus on what really matters, the work—or test—itself and not on the keys in front of them. 

So how can typing prepare your students for their future?

  1. Test taking with ease. For this generation of digital natives, understanding how to navigate online is almost second nature. But you’d be surprised to learn how difficult this can be for students without basic keyboarding skills.
  2. With learning from home becoming an increasingly common form of teaching, keeping a routine for your students is key. Luckily, with Typing.com’s assignments feature, you can deliver both flexibility and structure while tracking progress in real time—even when your classes are not together. 
  3. Learning to type is the step that will open even more doors to the wonderful world of technology. Understanding how to input information into the screen will quickly make students feel comfortable working with computers, simplifying everything for them—from writing reports, conducting online research, and completing online tests.

We encourage teachers to take advantage of the entire Typing.com curriculum—including typing lessons, typing games, and digital literacy content.

To learn more about how Typing.com helps you provide your students with valuable foundational skills that they will use in school and beyond, click here.