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How to Make Typing Fun

3 Simple Ways (with Examples) to Make Typing Fun

Students used to learn typing in high school. Now, it’s a requirement for learning much earlier. So, how do you make typing fun enough to keep your students motivated?

Set Aside Just 15 Minutes a Day for Typing

Reinforcement is your greatest tool. All you need to reinforce proper technique is 15 minutes a day. This way, your students practice the techniques they are working on before losing interest.

Make Typing Practice Interactive

Help children become interested in keyboarding by incorporating an interesting plot, compelling graphics, or the mere competitiveness of games. 

While you can simply rely on touch typing tutorials and activities in a pinch, these may feel repetitive to some students for longer time periods or assignments. To avoid this, look for programs with immersive features that attract students into learning more about the art and science of typing so they can fully appreciate why this technology skill is worth mastering.

For example, the themes used by typing curriculums like Typing.com revolve around the typical interests by age group, like space, princesses, or superheroes. Your students can choose and engage with a theme they identify with. 

As far as assignments and work, involve your students in their own learning. Here are a few fun (and easy!) suggestions:

  • Have your students type about a topic they’re already familiar with and interested in like a favorite sports figure or musician
  • Use a written prompt to give the students the opportunity to be creative while they practice their skills. An example could be: What’s your favorite video game? Why do you like it?

Add Motivating Rewards to Make Typing Fun

Gathered from around the classrooms around the world, here are some other fun things to try:

  • Put a quarter/penny/other small flat object on the tops of their hands. If the object stays throughout their practice, reward them with something of your choice. 
  • Or, replace the flat object with a tasty treat like a piece of candy they can eat at the end of the activity if they manage to keep it secure.
  • A small variation on this is to set aside three pieces of their reward. Each time they make a mistake on technique you take one. At the end of the period they get what is left over. 
  • Typing.com offers built in certificates for completing typing tests and lesson units that your students can print, share, and proudly display

Keep in mind that since no one knows your students better than you, feel free to play with the rewards you offer to better reflect what your students care about.

Play Typing Games To Encourage Typing Practice

Typing.com offers typing games for your students to play while they learn. You don’t have to worry about choosing a game children will like, because there’s something for everyone.

You can choose a skill level or decide which techniques you’d like to work on–like focusing on small or big words. Perhaps, you want to reinforce home row placement or master problem keys. You can try ‘Type a Balloon’ or ‘Type Toss’ for your younger students. 

Other fun DIY games to try:

  • Encourage them to type with a napkin over their hands so they can’t see
  • Time the students for 1, 2, or 3 minutes. Have them type as many words as they can think of beginning with A or B or have them choose a letter 
  • Challenge older students to type words they don’t know (for younger kids, make sure they’re typing sight words that they know. Don’t worry, Typing.com offers sight word specific instruction)
  • Type alphabet forward and backward
  • Have your students type by dictation
  • Have your students type as many words as they can think of beginning with A or B or any other letter for a set amount of time
  • Move them to Nitro Type once they have the technique down

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