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The teacher’s guide to the best typing games

Friday. Officially the hardest day of the week to get students to concentrate on anything.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

That’s why we’ve come up with a whole host of typing games to help students practice their typing skills.

These typing games are so fun and addicting that students won’t want to stop practicing!

The only trouble is, as students get caught up in the games and feel the time pressure they’re likely to forget all about the finger placements they’ve been taught.

So, when introducing a typing game to your students, make sure to remind them to keep their fingers on the home row, and to use the fingers they’ve learned to use for each key.

Two-finger typing may seem easier, but it is much slower! Imagine using just one foot to pedal a bicycle, switching back and forth between the left and right pedal… it’d be so inefficient!

To help enforce correct finger placement, one option is to tell the class that their scores will be recorded, offering recognition or a prize for the highest three scores. Anyone who is found to be using two-finger typing or another incorrect form will be disqualified from the competition.

Below, we’ve laid out a list of our top keyboarding games, noting which levels of students these are best suited for. We also highlight games that focus on particular skills, which will help you pick games that match what students have just learned.

Keyboard Ninja

play keyboard ninjaGood for: BEGINNERS

In this typing game, you type letters to slash fruit as the fly across the screen. This is a great exercise for beginner learners to drill in the layout of the keyboard, as you type just one character at a time.

Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs

online typing gameGood for: BEGINNERS

Another great typing game for beginners, as you start with one letter at a time, in this game you press keys to zap the dinosaurs that are chasing you.

Tommy Q: Zombie Defender

play typing gameGood for: ALL LEVELS

There’s something about battling zombies that kids (and adults) just love! The typing challenges correspond to the lessons, so if you’ve just finished covering Home Row basics in class, you can let students play with just those letters.

Baron von Typesfast

vintage typing gameGood for: ALL LEVELS

In this vintage-styled typing game, students can type to pop blimps that are flying towards them. From random letter combinations from the home, upper, or lower rows to easy words. Students can work their ways up in both curriculum and speed!

Keyboard Climber

typing game accuracyGood for: ACCURACY

Type a letter to help the monkey climb up. This game helps students practice uppercase vs. lowercase letters. Accuracy is EXTRA important in this one because missing just one letter knocks the monkey all the way down… meaning you have to start ALL over again!


pop ballon typing gameGood for: INTERMEDIATE

In this typing game, you have to type fast to pop the balloons as they rise. Though this focuses on typing one letter at a time, we like this one for intermediate students to give them practice with typing punctuation marks and numbers.

Type Toss

type toss gameGood for: INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED

Just like an ol’ fashioned carnival game, type to knock out the targets as they move. Though this can be played at any level, this one is great for advanced students because it is a real speed challenge.

Fire Typer

Good for: ALL LEVELS

Have students save the day by typing to put out a fire spreading across a building. This is a good one for all levels, but particularly for those ready to work on speed. Wait too long and the fire spreads, giving you more and more words to type!


Good for: ADVANCED

In this adrenaline-packed game students have to use their typing skills to shoot down incoming enemy spaceships. Take too long to shoot down the motherships, and they’ll send out more!

Nitro Type

Good for: ADVANCED

Here you’re pitted against other live players in a competitively paced race. The faster you type, the faster your car goes. High accuracy and speeds win you cool cars, titles, and other prizes. This game is so good, we host it on its own site. It’s a great one for students who already know how to type and are now focusing on their speed.

With all these games to choose from, you can easily keep the students’ learning fresh and fun!

And as they become engrossed in slashing fruits and bashing zombies, feel free to sit back and relax. Like I said earlier, we’ve got you covered.

Note: We have ads on the games to help support our website. To get rid of them, all it takes is a snap of your fingers… I mean, click of your mouse. A one-time, lifetime upgrade of just $29.95 per student and your students can play to their hearts’ content without interruptions.


15 thoughts on “The teacher’s guide to the best typing games

  1. @Austin or @Travis hi I am [MMJR]jacem12 from NT and I was on @NTA when @Season~2 started so I was wondering if I would still get the cash and title

    1. I really like the new space game, after playing Ninja Cat a multitude of times it really helped me with my typing speed I went from 40wpm to 60+wpm… I wish their were games where they help you to learn numbers also.

  2. The games are great but, they are very redundant. There often isn’t any difference between them and they are too simple and childish. They often have a very slow and easy pace making it difficult to stay interested. The best by far are the Nitro Type game and the Ninja Cat v Zombie Dinosaurs game. The Nitro Type game has more to it than just typing words on a screen. You actually feel competition going up against other players and that’s not all. You also can build up your in game points in order to buy more cars and get upgrades and other things to help you progress. Because you have a profile or account in the game you can continue were you left off and if your good, create a name for yourself on the game. Ninja Cat is truly one of the best games on here. It features levels so it is not just a repetitive game were you just do the same thing. You have levels were it gets harder and the game play allows you to make your own path ( up to a point). It also allows you to personalize your character by naming him. I would like to see a fighting type a game were you have a creative name, fight against other people, and gain “credits” in order to buy skins or special abilities. You would type words or letters on the screen in order to strike an opponent. Each character should have a special word to type in order to say, shoot a fireball or teleport. Single letters would be used for a normal punch or kick. When the opponent has sustained enough damage, the other player should be able to use a finishing move in order to win the battle. In order to do so, they should have to type a sentence a short summary within a time limit or stay above a WPM speed. If the player fails in this, another round should start on order for the opponent to get a second chance. This would put pressure on the player to type fast and accurately in order to avoid the possibility of losing the match. There should also be a penalty for losing like giving up credits or a skin.It would also be fitting to have a leader board in order to see the ranks and through a messaging service challenge a player in which they could either accept or refuse. In order to make sure this is relativity fair, players must only be allowed to play after they have completed the Beginner section of the program in order to assure that they have the basic ability to type so that they do not get obliterated. I would love to see this implemented in the late future.

    Sincerely, Nerdgasmo

    P.S I would appreciate it if you posted my comment on this page so that other patrons of yours can see my idea and gather support for it. Thank you for your time.

    1. They should make this a game. I would actually pay money for this to become a thing. As long as the game is free in the end because I only have like $10. 😛

    2. I really like the new space game, after playing Ninja Cat a multitude of times it really helped me with my typing speed I went from 40wpm to 60+wpm… I wish their were games where they help you to learn numbers also.

  3. I think you should add a game where you are in the middle of nowhere and type words to move and monsters lurk about you type sentences to defeat them

  4. How can you get the zombies to move. We tried using our arrows and they don’t move. This caused us to died fast.

    1. Hey Trenden, did you try using the up and down arrows? That enables you to get in line with the zombies that you are aiming for. Hope that works!

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