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Typing.com - New feature: assignments

New Feature: Assignments! (and much more)

Amidst the disruption and uncertainty related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Typing.com knows how important online education is. As always, we’re committed to providing the best free platform for students to learn foundational technology skills. To make that easier to do in a distance-learning environment, we’ve just released some new features that will make it easier to assign, track and grade work done on Typing.com. Teachers can now assign a scope of work that appears directly on their student’s Typing.com dashboards! Let’s dive into the details…


You can assign any of the following assignments to your students:

  • Typing Lessons – Assign students one or more of our standard curriculum typing lessons, or any of your custom lessons. Students receive credit when all the assigned lessons or speed typing tests are complete
  • Digital Literacy Lessons – Assign one or more of our great Digital Literacy lessons, including: Computer Basics, Internet Basics and Career Prep
  • Typing Assessments – Assign one or more timed, page-length or custom assessment
  • Written Prompts –We know standardized test preparation is very important, and getting students to practice their typing in a non-prescribed format is key. That’s why we’ve created the brand new “written prompt” screen type that allows students to write, format, and submit a response to a prompt that you submit for them. Take a closer below:

Typing.com Written Prompts

You can create the assignments in the new “Assignments” tab found on your class page.

Typing.com New Assignments Tab

If you’re using Google Classroom with Typing.com, you’ll be pleased to hear that we support integration with Google Classroom.

You can include as many lessons in an assignment as you’d like, and you’ll have the ability to select exactly the class or students that you want to assign to. You can also set a due date.

Typing.com - Create a New Assignment

When your students log in, they will see the assignments tab above their unit panel on the left of the lessons screen. On the right, all of their incomplete assignments will be visible.

Typing.com Assignments - Student Portal View

To check the status of the assignments, simply navigate back to the assignment tab and click “View” next to the assignment. This will display a list of all of the students who have been assigned with this assignment and an indicator of their status on the assignment. You can also find all of a student’s assignments in the Student > Assignments section.

Typing.com Teacher Student View


Typing.com does even more of the work for you now so you can focus on teaching. In your class’s settings, you can now set grading thresholds based on typing lessons, tests, and digital literacy lessons! As your students complete their lessons, tests, and assignments, see their grades automatically update in their progress section.

Typing.com - Grading

Log in now and take a look at these new additions. We would love to hear your feedback in the comments!


5 thoughts on “New Feature: Assignments! (and much more)

  1. First, this is very helpful and I have already experimented with an assignment just to see how to explain it to the students. I do have one request/desire. I do not want students waiting until late in the evening/night to complete assignments last minute, when they are tired and the stress of the day has drained them. Is there a way to assign permitted login times instead of just pausing the entire class? This will require them to maintain the structure of a school setting while they are still under “stay at home” orders. If this is something you could simply add it would be awesome.

  2. Excellent job! I appreciate the foresight and continue to improve typing.com and in mind the number one site for learning to type.

  3. I have a suggestion. Give the teacher the ability to send students individual messages that will appear on their dashboard. One of my second graders completed all three levels of typing, and I wanted to send an acknowledgment to that individual student. The student completed all three-level after school let out for summer recess. It would be helpful for the teacher to send encouraging messages to their students.

    1. Hi Montenegro,

      That’s really great feedback! Thanks so much for taking the time to pass it along. New features like this are added all the time so if you have’t yet, sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about them.

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