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Save time with Typing.com integration with ClassLink, Google Classroom, and Clever!

We understand that teaching is hard work. Between lesson planning, instruction time, staff meetings, and grading, you don’t always have the time or energy to implement additional activities or technology into the classroom.

Typing.com wants to make things a little easier for you.

We have integrated Typing.com into the ClassLink, Google Classroom, and Clever platforms. This means that you and your students can now access Typing.com through any of these platforms without having to log in through a separate site with a separate set of credentials.

Using ClassLink, Google Classroom or Clever will also save you valuable time in organizing your classes. These tools capture relevant student data from your Student Information System and provide up-to-date class rosters, eliminating the need for you to manually add or remove individual students. In addition, you’ll also be able to see all your students’ usage data and progress in a single place, and you can control access as needed – keeping all your classes running smoothly.

So how do they work?


  1. Have your IT Administrator enable the Typing.com app in ClassLink
  2. Your classes will automatically sync when you log in to your ClassLink account
  3. Your students will have access once you’ve logged in
  4. View and download Typing.com reports as usual

Google Classroom

  1. Log in to your Typing.com account using Google
  2. After your account has linked to Google a “Sync with Classroom” button will appear in your My Classes page
  3. Click the button and your class will sync with Typing.com giving your students access to the program
  4. View and download Typing.com reports as usual


  1. Click on the Add resources button in the right-hand sidebar
  2. Search for Typing.com in the field and when you see the icon, click “Add Resource”
  3. If your district has set up auto-sync, your classes will automatically sync when you have logged in and your students will have access to Typing.com
  4. View and download Typing.com reports as usual

Finally, as you may have heard, Typing.com isn’t just keyboarding anymore!

We have added Tech Literacy, Career Readiness, Coding Basics and more. To get started, simply log in to your classroom management dashboard of choice and add Typing.com. You’ll have your students off and running in no time.


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