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Check Out Our Fun New Game to Boost Your Typing Accuracy!

When it comes to boosting typing speed, Nitro Type is the best game hands down. But when it comes to targeting students’ accuracy, we’ve discovered that it takes a different approach.

In our newest game, Keyboard Jump, each mistyped letter doesn’t just slow you down, it makes your character lose a life! Enough errors and your character falls all the way to the bottom again.

If you really want a challenge, try out the game on Insane Mode, where you start off with just ONE life… which means there’s no room for errors!

Nothing makes you pay attention to typos more than falling down and having to start from scratch with EACH error.

And for extra fun, you get to play with your new Typing.com character avatars, from the Flying Fox to Eek from Space.

Click here to play Keyboard Jump!

And note that if you login, you can keep track of your progress in the Score History below the game.


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