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The Underrated Skill You Really Need in all Top Professions

In today’s technologically advanced world, basic computer skills like typing are becoming necessary in most professions.

Many employers now seek a minimum typing speed of 50 words per minute simply for the sake of productivity, and around 30% of managers say they wouldn’t hire someone who can’t touch type.

Whatever career path you choose, typing could be the skill that sets you apart!

Top Keyboard-Intensive Professions

You might be surprised at how much time people in major professions spend hitting the keys, even when their job technically has nothing to do with computers:


According to a study recently published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, nearly half of a doctor’s day is now spent typing information into electronic medical records or doing other administrative work. They spend more time documenting what they find than examining patients.

Writer or Journalist

Most journalists and writers spend the majority of their day (long days…) typing up stories, researching online, and using their computers to find, process, and generate information. For them, touch typing ability and speed are especially critical.

Computer Programmer

Figuring out how to solve problems is a key part of this position. The solution always involves pounding out hundreds or thousands of lines of code. Then debug those and repeat. Programmers are especially notorious for marathon keyboard sessions, spending 6-8 hours a day or longer at the keyboard.

Web Developer

Whether manipulating graphics with design software, coding the HTML and JavaScript that run things behind the scenes, or moving everything over 3 pixels (for the third time), a web dev’s hands are always on the keyboard. If typing speed leaves something to be desired, fewer websites are completed (and paid for).

Police Officer

For every incident or arrest police officers type up a report. Statistics show they spend about 40% of their time on such work. That’s 4 hours out of every 10-hour shift. Some officers’ primary work is “desk duty,” rather than patrolling, where they spend even more time typing.


Communicating with others is at the core of this job. Whether interacting with employees or building up personal networks, there’s a lot of email and typing involved.


For attorneys, who typically bill by the hour, the phrase time = money is especially true. Meeting with clients or going to court are the meat and potatoes of legal work, but a lot more time goes to recording client meeting notes, typing up legal briefs, and following up on email correspondence. Learn to type efficiently and cut time spent on every one of these by one third to one half.


For scientists, it’s all about the data. That data has to be recorded, organized, analyzed, and written up for publication. Where does all of that happen? At the keyboard, of course.

Writing at the Speed of Thought

The bottom line is that touch typing allows you to type without thinking about it. You won’t be slowed down by figuring out where the next key is located. Even if you’ve developed a pretty speedy two-finger technique and don’t have to look at the keyboard much, learning the touch typing, home keys method will make you much faster.

It’s also not very hard to master. If you practice just 15 minutes a day for several weeks, your typing speed will dramatically increase. Learn to type the right way, for free, at Typing.com. Weak typing ability isn’t something to be embarrassed about; it’s something to fix!


45 thoughts on “The Underrated Skill You Really Need in all Top Professions

  1. This Web site is a refreshing way to learn typing skills. I highly recommend that everyone becomes a member.

  2. Hi Mike,
    Your motivation in learning the art of touch typing is GREAT.
    One should learn it.

    Arun Kumar H.M.
    World Record Holder for typing behind Laptop

    1. I think it is a great idea to have a minimum typing speed for any jobs who deals with a ton of typing. Not everyone can touch type or have speed and accuracy. I think tying tests should be done as part of a job interview so the employer can see what they are working with.

    2. I agree that typing is a valuable skill. The world today revolves around technology so it is a good idea for all jobs to require at least a basic typing skill.

    1. Hi Jill, EduTyping is our premium classroom edition. There you’ll find a more extensive curriculum, including separate content for primary students as well as secondary students. As a teacher you have the ability to set up Custom Lessons and Timed Tests for your students with your own content. There are also more powerful management tools for teachers, school admins, and district admins. Click here to find out more.

    1. Well, I feel like I learned quite a bit. I didn’t realize how much time each occupation spends on the keyboard typing especially doctors i just assumed that some one else entered all that information for them.

  3. I hope this helps my typing speed increase a lot, its already improved since I started using typing.com. I think the website helps a lot with typing without looking, I think everyone should use this if they have a lot of typing issues!

    1. 50 words a minute to me is a bit much. Many positions only require basic data entry. Currently, I assist 2 physicians and they do not spend a lot of time on data entry vs. providing services to their patients. Many facilities use a dictating system such as Dragon that once they speak into the microphone, it keys the words for them. So, I would have to disagree with some of these post.

    2. Typing. com has thought me how to type more better then before i used to , the more practice you get . You will improve the better result’s you’ll have . In the long run it should be helpful at any job that uses a keyboard ..

    3. typing.com has made a huge impact in my typing skills i have improved and learned a lot and had fun as learning how to understand the keyboard a bit more as i typed . i hope you all learn as mush as i did . thank you

    4. I can understand the importance of the accuracy and speed of typing and it encourages me to keep my skills up,

  4. Thanks Friends!
    Typing.com web is useful for every one. The information you are providing is motivating and encouraging. Lessons are providing strength, confidence along with skill. Thanks allot to providers of typing.web

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  6. This website it a great tool for people that are learning how to start out in their fields. All the jobs, that have been posted and pulse more will help for their employment. I learned too that I do have weak areas for certain letters due to how I type.

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