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Better Typing Skills Improve Career Prospects!

Our readers know that teachers are our heroes and it’s fair to think educators are our main focus. However, it is also very exciting when adult learners let us know the program has made a positive impact in their life. Today, we’re sharing just such a story.

Recently, an email arrived from a user named Dale who wanted to thank us for creating Typing.com. He explained that our site helped him become a faster typist which, consequently, led him to a better job!

 We wanted to know more so we contacted Dale to get the full scoop (who could resist?). He was more than happy to share.


In his own words:

“I used to fumble on the keyboard. My fingers would tangle with each other as I hit keys as best I could.

“I found Typing.com while searching free typing practice sites on the web. I trained using only Typing.com. I like the simple and clean user interface. All other sites I tried paled when compared to Typing.com.

“The first month, I struggled with my accuracy on all the beginner levels. As with all skills, I figured I’d develop speed when I perfected my accuracy. After the first month, I practiced the intermediate and expert levels every day. My current speed is 50-60 wpm. 

“This opened career options for me. Most jobs require typing skills and, thanks to my training with Typing.com, I was able to stand out in my applications. It has also made my current writing job a breeze. I’m able to write a 150-word article in two minutes, tops.

“Keep up the good work!”

To everyone using our site to train themselves on 21st century skills, we’re proud of you. You’re the reason we exist.

Thank you, Dale, for letting us play a part in your better and brighter future!