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How Gamification Can Support Typing Practice

Dr. Monica Burns of Class Tech Tips shares how Typing.com’s gamified approach to teaching keyboarding helps students succeed in the classroom and beyond. 

Authentic gamification is a natural booster for student engagement and an exciting trend across K-12 education. By leveraging this approach, Typing.com is able to keep students motivated as they advance throughout the typing lessons, which equip them with the proper techniques required to become fast and accurate typists.

Learn more by reading the full article here: How Gamification Can Support Typing Practice

About Class Tech Tips

ClassTechTips.com was created by Dr. Monica Burns, a former classroom teacher, speaker and author. She shares her favorite EdTech resources for PreK-20 educators so they can make the most of the technology in their school. 

On this site you’ll find a roundup of Monica’s tips and strategies for leveraging the power of digital tools to empower learners of all ages. Whether you’re in a classroom full of Chromebooks, iPads, interactive whiteboards, or smartphones, ClassTechTips.com has resources to help you make the most of the technology in the hands of students! 

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