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Prepare Your Students With Essential Digital Literacy Skills

Typing, Tech Readiness, Career Prep, Coding Basics, and much more!

Prepare Your Students With Essential Digital Literacy Skills

Standards Correlations

See how meets your state or federal standards for typing & technology

The World's Most Popular Keyboarding Curriculum

Comprehensive Curriculum for All Skill Levels

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons, plus plenty of fun practise activities engage students, continually improving keyboarding skills.

Monitor Progress With Timed Typing Tests

Timed tests (one, three and five minute typing tests) give students a view of their progress, motivating them to keep practising.

Create Your Own Custom Lessons and Timed Tests

Add your own content to create a captivating cross-curricular learning experience.

Identify Problem Keys

Adaptive lessons address each student’s problem keys, helping to increase their typing speed and accuracy.


Instructions and lessons offered in English and Spanish serve as exercises for ELL students as well as students practising a second language.

Students Love It

Reinforce skills in a fun and stimulating way with engaging games and “type your own adventure” stories.

Essential Tech Readiness Curriculum

Computer Basics

Early learners get comfortable using technology with easy-to-understand information on basic computer usage.

  • Parts of a Computer
  • What Makes a Computer Run
  • Using a Mouse
  • Computer Lab Rules
Internet Basics

Students learn about Internet safety and appropriate online behaviour as they begin using the web for research, social media, and email communications.

  • Surfing Safety
  • Cyber Safety
  • Online Behaviour
  • Email Rules and Manners
  • Internet Search Tips

Prepare Your Students for Their Future

The Scope & Sequence serves as a planning guide for educators. Use this guide to structure your lessons based on your specific goals and developmental appropriateness.

Scope & Sequence meets several key Common Core and ISTE standards. You can use this information to organise online activity that meets specific national standards.

Standards Correlations


Coding Essentials

Your students will unlock their creativity and critical thinking skills while learning the basics of coding.

  • HTML - The Structure of a Webpage
  • CSS - Making the Web Beautiful
  • JavaScript - The Brains of a Webpage (coming soon!)
  • Online and Offline Practise Options
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