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Introducing Grade-Specific Keyboarding Curriculum For the 2021-22 School Year

Hit standards that you’d normally teach in class with real world application of keyboarding.

Delight in Instant Differentiation

Sign your students up and we’ll take it from there. We’ve vetted the standards, scaffolded lesson progression, and everything is age-appropriate.
Each student will be in their own progression, moving at their own pace through practical application.


Tech Readiness

Students will begin their typing journey by learning about computers through click-and-drag lessons. They will assemble images of keyboards and identify parts of a computer while developing essential mouse and trackpad skills.
Keyboard Builder
Parts of a Computer

Learn the Keys I

Students will build the foundation for correct typing technique by learning to type keys that utilize their middle fingers, index fingers, and thumbs.
J, F, and Space Keys
U, R, and K Keys
D, E, and I Keys
C, G, and N Keys
Beginner Review 1
Problem Keys
Assessment 1

Learn the Keys II

Students will expand on skills developed in the previous unit by learning the remaining letter and basic punctuation keys, utilizing all ten fingers. Adaptive and personalized “Problem Keys” lessons provide extra practice with challenging keys.
T, S, and L Keys
O, B, and A Keys
V, H, and M Keys
Beginner Review 2
Problem Keys
W, X, and ; Keys
Q, Y and P Keys
Z and Enter Keys
Period and Comma
Problem Keys
Assessment 2

Applied Typing

In this unit, students will apply their typing skills in rhyming, sight word, and grade-based vocabulary lessons featuring cross-curricular science, music, and social studies content.
Rhyming Word Families
Sight Words
Science: Plant Parts
Music: Instruments
Social Studies: Community Helpers
Problem Keys
Assessment 3

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