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Premium License

Five reasons to consider Typing.com Premium Licenses

Ads can be a pain, we know! But, we want to continue to help as many students as possible to build valuable career and life skills and to give you the tools needed to guide them. To do this, we offer every piece of Typing.com completely free (and ad supported). However, Typing.com offers an ad-free experience, and for a much lower price than you might think! If you, your school, or your district is considering the purchase of a Typing.com premium license, here are five things you may want to keep in mind:


  1. Premium pricing is really affordable! – Pricing starts at $3.79 per student* and just goes down from there!
  2. Ad-free experience – With a premium license, your students can work in an ad-free Typing.com environment with zero distractions.
  3. Transferable licenses – Premium licenses are fully transferable. When a student is removed from your account, that license is freed up for another student. This is great news for schools using Typing.com for a single semester because it allows you to limit the number of licenses you need to purchase.
  4. Priority support – With a premium license, you get a front-of-the-line pass whenever you have questions or require technical support. It’s like walking right into a restaurant and getting seated first!
  5. Unlimited data retention – The free Typing.com account limits the amount of stored student data to 180 days. With premium licenses there are no time limits to data storage. You can pull student data and run reports from the date they started using Typing.com, helping you keep track of their full progress over time.


Plan for 2020 now – In the last 6 months, Typing.com has launched a ton of new digital literacy content, exciting teacher updates, and all-new district support. If you have end-of-year budget money that you need to spend, you can purchase licenses now and get everything set up for next year!

*yearly license with minimum purchase of 20 student licenses

For an instant price quote for your own premium licenses, click here.