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Absolutely Free

Typing.com is, and always will be, completely free. Advertisements can be removed forever for a small fee.

Interactive Typing Games

A host of exclusive typing games such as Keyboard Ninja and Tommy Q Zombie Defender keep typing interest to the extreme!

Engaging Curriculum, K-12

Your students will love our fun and entertaining typing curriculum. Featuring engaging exercises, interactive typing games, and positive reinforcement, Typing.com is perfect for all age ranges and skill levels.

Fun Skins

Change the look and feel of Typing.com with our fun and exciting skins!

Virtual Keyboard & Hand Diagram

The virtual keyboard gives constant feedback, showing you which fingers and keys to press, to keep you from looking down at your hands while typing.

All Your Devices

Desktop, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, phone, you name it! Practice your typing on any internet enabled device.

Some Love From Our Users

I am overwhelmed with what I have discovered on the web surfing, and it was typing.com..keep up the fantastic web site and I love the fact that after I stopped my lessons typing.com sent me an e-mail wanting to know what happened to me..Thanks Again

TammyJ - Bayou Vista, CA

Thank you, my typing speed and accuracy has improved greatly. Love the certificate.

Van - British Columbia, CA

It feels great to type without looking. I'm in the low teens for speed, but with this program the typing speed will come. Thanks to typing.com typing is easier. I will pass the news of my success onto any others who would like to learn how to type without looking. Thank you again

Louis - Bainbridge, WA, USA

Want to learn to type? Or brush up on your typing? Typing.com is a FUN way!Mrs. Wizard uses it for therapy! I've enjoyed Typing.com for years now... and it gets better all the time!

Mrs. Wizard - Cordova, TN, USA

I have been practicing using typing trial version for the past few months. I found it to be a very good tutor and I have decided to buy the license .The exercises are real good and I have seen my improvement in a very short time. The availability of various types of keyboard layouts is one of the fantastic features of typing. This gives people like me the opportunity to practice using any type of keyboard layouts. And the whole team is also the other best thing of this website. I was surprised to get replies for every single request in a very short time. I want to thank them for their support and for being there for their clients and listening to them.

Mekdes - Rome, Italy

Even though I haven't logged on in two weeks, I have learned a lot. I am still interested and I will be back for more lessons tonight.

Demetrice - United States

I've tried several typing softwares but I found Typing.com suits what I'm looking for in a typing software. It's so simple and yet very helpful. I'll definitely recommend this to my friends and church mates.

Joselito - British Columbia, Canada

My experience with typing.com has truly been challenging, because when I first started, I was typing on 35wpm in one week. Typing.com have taught me to not only type at my own pace, but to type with speed, by typing with speed I can become a better typist! Typing.com has also taught me how to use the space bar after each word that I type, and sometimes when typing I can forget to use the space bar, but with practice I have learned to use the space bar after each word! Thank You Typing.com!

Stephanie - Suffolk, VA, United States

I really enjoy the Typing.com, it really helps you increase your speed, by giving you exercises to do and typing tests to take, it even lets you see what your problem keys are and helps you to do better at them!!! I'm getting ready to start college in a few weeks in Microsoft Office and this has helped me to increase my speed, I'm not done with the exercises yet, but when I am done, I hope I can type over 100wpm!!!

Helen - South Carolina

I like these typing lesson very much. I was unable to type and with these lessons you have provided me, now I am able to type and I believe anyone who uses these lessons will learn how to type.

Anonymous - Forum Post

I love this typing lesson very well when I first started typing I was so bad at it but since I have been practicing at this I have gotten really good at it. All you have to do is like your fingers I Love mind very much. Don't practice to look down practice to look up. And I'm 15 years old an I can type really good without looking.

Anonymous - Forum Post

I like it very much because it is user friendly and makes you feel important being simply by learning new things everyday! Thanks for all of you who came up with this idea! I'm in the ship being a crew I felt bored.. now with this program everyday seems a new day for me to challenge my mind to new things... Thanks!

Anonymous - Forum Post

This [has] been helping so much better than anything else I have ever used.

Anonymous - Forum Post

Trust your fingers, trust that you can type fast and accurately, trust that typing.com can help us to type!

Anonymous - Forum Post

I like this program very much. When I first started I could not type at all, now I know all of my keys and I can type. All I need to do now is build up my speed.

Anonymous - Forum Post

This test has been very helpful. It is very interesting and you never get bored. It's fun.

Siddarth - Pune, India

Typing.com has improved my typing 95%! I have had experience with different typing websites and they didn't put enough effort into the website to make it fun! I have been a member for 3 days and I am already on top row keys. I am so glad to be a member of Typing.com!!!!!!!! :)


When I started using typing.com I was typing about 12 wpm. In a matter of two months I have improved to about 28-30 wpm. I'm sure with little more practice, I can reach my goal of at least 45 wpm-Thanks TYPING.COM!!

Jessica - Houston, TX, USA

I'm so glad I found you Typing.com! I love the fact that it's a no software installment, hassle free typing tutor. Now I can practice my typing anywhere I go. The more I look into it, the more I love it. Typing.com really covered everything that I need to learn about typing and build up my speed. It makes the learning process much more fun than I thought. The problem keys is my favorite. It can even custom the lesson for my weak keys. Great product! Great learning experience! As much as I want to type faster, I absolutely appreciated how much efforts that you guys have input to this wonderful product.

Holly - Austin, TX, USA

I found typing.com very useful I tried it twice and I am already typing 40 WPM and I started at 10 WPM so I would highly recommend it to anyone!!!

Typing.com User - Alberta, Canada

Over many years, I typed in wrong hand placement, and my typing speed is too awful! Through Typing.com typing exercises, I am now typing in correct hand placemnet and my typing speed is increasing!

Ho yi edmond - Hong Kong

Being 38 years old, and owning my own business, I've never had to type words per minute until now, after browsing the web, I stumbled upon the Typing.com, it was great for a person like me with absolutly no typing experience, I recommended it to my dad, we love it, and have told others.


If you really want to learn how to type or you want to improve your typing, sign up with Typing.com. Since I signed up I have been practicing any time that suits me for how long I need. It is really great, I am loving it. I am studying a Legal secretary so typing is really important. With Typing.com you can improve your speed and accuracy and you will have fun too! These days typing is really important for your job (or future job) so do not hesitate and sign up! Thank you, Typing.com, for making me a better and faster typist.

Anonymous - Typing.com User

I would like to say that I enjoyed the free trial offer of typing.com very much. It gave me everything that I was looking for in a typing course and I have now purchased the product so that I may continue to improve my typing skills. Thank you typing.com. I have also recommended your web site to others because I am sure they will find it helpful as well.


I have looked at many typing tutorials and this one is the best! I am changing careers mid life and drastically needed to enhance my typing skills. This program has done that by teaching proper techniques for accuraccy and speed. My children are also starting the program to help with their many typed assignments they receive in school. Thank you Typing.com!!


The instruction is very clear, very practical, easy to learn and I would recommend the course to anybody old or young.

Asril - California, USA

I am 50 years old and learned to type on a MANUAL Smith Corona typewriter in high school. I decided it was time to enter the 21st century and I needed to increase my speed and accuracy. I tried several different websites and found that Typing.com's exercises were the most interesting and challenging.

Laurel - Portland, OR, USA

I have found Typing.com a big help.My wpm has improved just over a few lessons!

Jacqueline - Brunswick, VI, USA

I have been using the Typing.com program for several days and I've already noticed a great improvement in my typing speed and accuracy. Before I started using this program I did not have correct finger placement or a productive speed. Typing.com has taught me a correct, efficient, and effective method of typing. I have recommended Typing.com to family members and friends and I will suggest it to anyone learning to type for the first time or wanting to type better.

Sara - Dunlap, TN, USA

I applaud Typing.com for their latest upgrades. They are fantastic. The lessons are modern and always new. The user friendly format is great! Typing.com is above all those other typing sites. One of the unique features of typing.com that I haven't seen on the other sites is the delivery of newspapers and other media to your online mailbox to practice your typing with. I enjoy this feature because you get something different everytime.Thanks for making Typing.com one of my favorite typing sites. Regina Garrison

Regina - Lucerne Valley, CA, USA